3M Introduces New Universal Restorative

3M Introduces New Universal Restorative
New material promises strong and aesthetic restorations while simplifying the shading process to improve productivity
Posted: April 1, 2019
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ST. PAUL‚ Minn.—In order to help dentists increase efficiencies, 3M has introduced 3M Filtek Universal Restorative—a new universal composite that offers a modernized approach to anterior and posterior restorations, with a simplified shading process and advanced composite technology to provide strong and aesthetic results.

On average, dentists choose to use a single-shade restoration for roughly 80 percent of the cases they perform. As a result, 3M aims to simplify the overall shade selection process. Using NaturalMatch technology, 3M developed eight shades, plus an Extra White, that cover the 19 Vita classical and bleach shades. A Pink Opaquer was also created to mask metal and stained dentition. In addition, the shades have one universal opacity to meet most clinical needs.

Filtek Universal Restorative utilizes NaturalMatch technology, a blend of 3M’s composite technologies for durability and aesthetics. Propriety low-stress monomers reduce shrinkage stress, while use of nanofillers creates a nanocomposite that provides high strength and excellent wear resistance.

“Dentists are pulled in many different directions every day, with countless to-dos that stack up while they serve their patients. That’s why 3M wanted to create a solution that helped them cut down on steps and removed some of that stress,” said Sebastian Arana, president and general manager, oral solutions division of 3M. “The new Filtek Universal Restorative combines a unique shading system in an innovative material that not only provides efficiency, but also a highly aesthetic and long-lasting result.” 

Filtek Universal Restorative also features capsules that can be warmed and an improved tip design that allows the material to extrude like a flowable composite, and then become more viscous for shaping. At 8mm, the tip is longer than 3M's previous universal capsules, which enables good adaptation even in hard to reach areas.

For more information, visit 3m.com/filtekuniversal


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