Delta Dental of California and Philips Oral Health Establish Partnership

Posted: March 21, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

SAN FRANCISCO and BOTHELL, Wash.—Delta Dental of California, its affiliates and Philips Oral Healthcare division announced a partnership born out of a shared mission to promote and improve oral health and wellness. The companies plan to lend their respective expertise and conduct research in a joint effort to build integrated insurance and oral hygiene and wellness solutions within an evolving connected ecosystem encompassing care at home, care at the dentist and coverage suited to a range of needs.
The partnership will leverage Delta Dental of California’s understanding of provider-enrollee dynamics, established relationships within those populations and position as an insurer, in combination with Philips expertise in health technology and knowledge of consumer needs and behavior. As a way of informing the mission of the partnership, the organizations are currently conducting joint research with more than 2,000 people to better understand the health benefits that can result from changes in oral health behavior. Insights from the research partnership will help to inform new offerings for employers and consumers alike.
“As we pursue our mission of advancing oral health and wellness, Delta Dental of California understands that access to care can be enhanced in a variety of ways,” said Mike Castro, president and CEO of Delta Dental of California. “We want to equip customers with the right tools to take control of their oral health and provide ways to encourage preventive behavior on a daily basis. At a moment when technological possibilities are seemingly endless and so many people are passionate about wellness, this partnership will have the collective resources, know-how and innovative drive to empower people to improve their oral health.”
“As a technology company that cares about people, Philips listens, discovers and challenges, to deliver meaningful innovation that helps people be healthy, live well, and enjoy life,” said Michael Kuhne, global business leader, Philips Oral Health. “This partnership will help us gain crucial insights and enable us to create products that appropriately reflect actual consumer use and the results of that behavior. By evolving the products we build and encouraging better hygiene practices through wellness incentives, we can provide individuals with the tools they need to optimize their oral hygiene and overall well-being.”
The partnership’s first program, BrushSmart, currently in pilot phase, is designed to improve oral health by measuring the connection between sonic brushing technology and oral health. Through the evaluation of brushing data and surveys to participating program enrollees, Delta Dental and Philips can draw linkages between behaviors and health outcomes.


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