Supply Clinic Announces Expanded 2019 Online Catalog

Posted: January 10, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

CHICAGO—Supply Clinic, an online marketplace for dental supplies, announced the addition of a dozen new product lines to its customer offering leading into 2019. 3M Oral Care, Kerr, GC America, DMG America and Parkell’s products are now available for purchase at

As customers switch to online purchasing in ever-increasing numbers, manufacturers and distributors are following suit.

“The dental supply industry is a prime example where improved customer experience, transparent pricing and trusted selection online will improve business for dentists serving patients, and shift a traditional distribution model to online channels like Supply Clinic,” said John Rossman, former director of merchant integration at

“We take for granted that online shopping occurs in every aspect of our personal lives so the sea change in business-to-business shopping is inevitable. The need to be waited on by salespeople is fast becoming the exception,” said Alan Weinstein, former founder and CEO of Premier, one of the largest hospital supply group purchasing organizations.

“Working with Supply Clinic introduces dentists to optimized pricing to supply an efficient and effective office. And most importantly, Supply Clinic protects against gray market materials that could erode confidence in patient outcomes,” said Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD, associate dean for research at UIC College of Dentistry and former president of American College of Prosthodontists.

For more information, call 773-634-1462 or visit


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