Townie Named as One of Three Winners of MouthWatch Tellie Awards at GNYDM 2018

Townie Named as One of Three Winners of MouthWatch Tellie Awards at GNYDM 2018
Posted: December 12, 2018
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METUCHEN, N.J.—Townie Staci Stout, RDH, BSDH, was one of three winners of MouthWatch's inaugural Tellie Awards, announced during the Greater New York Dental Meeting in December. Stout’s Smart Smiles program provides oral healthcare such as cleanings, fluoride and preventive care services to schoolchildren in more than 30 schools in the Salt Lake City area. Smart Smiles has improved dental health for thousands of children while showing a care delivery model that is sustainable and embraced by schools, students and families.

Liz Best, a grants administrator at the NYU College of Dentistry, and Brittany Kinol, DMD, of Miracle Dental were recipients of the two other awards.

The Tellie Awards were created to highlight the many ways that teledentistry is being implemented across a broad spectrum of dental care including public health, private practice and organizational settings. The awards recognize individual, forward-thinking dental providers who are realizing the full potential for connected dental care technology and who are reshaping the practice of dentistry and the state of oral health globally.

“We were very pleased to celebrate the first annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards by recognizing three forward-thinking dental professionals who have implemented teledentistry in ways that are revolutionizing the practice of dentistry and the delivery of patient care," said MouthWatch founder and CEO Brant Herman.

Best recognized the important role teledentistry could play for dentists and obtained a HRSA grant to fund the implementation of teledentistry technology into the curriculum of dental students at NYU. Working with TeleDent, NYU has incorporated several facets of teledentistry technology into second year dental students’ curriculum. 

By coordinating care delivery with Head Start programs, schools and public insurance carriers, Miracle Dental’s team of mobile hygienists use teledentistry and portable equipment to deliver preventive care to students. Patients in need of restorative care are connected to Kinol and her colleagues through the TeleDent all-in-one teledentistry platform for visual evaluation of any key clinical information. 

"We congratulate and thank this year’s Tellie Awards winners for their commitment to using teledentistry technology to make a tangible difference in improving access to care and the state of oral health in their communities," said Herman.

Nominations for next year’s Tellie Awards are currently being accepted online at Self-nominations are welcome. 



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