3M Oral Care Portal Now Integrated with Carestream and 3Shape Intraoral Scanners

Posted: December 12, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ST. PAUL‚ Minn.—Clinicians using 3Shape Trios or Carestream Dental’s CS 3500 and CS 3600 intraoral scanners now can submit their digital scans through integrations with 3M’s web-based software, the 3M Oral Care Portal. 

The 3M Oral Care Portal is an open software platform that streamlines patient treatment planning and ordering, giving clinicians the flexibility to use the intraoral scanner of their choice. Launched in conjunction with 3M Clarity Aligners earlier this year, the web-based portal is HIPAA compliant, easily accessible from anywhere, and supports treatment for aligners, combination treatment, and retainers.

The portal is now integrated with intraoral scanners from 3M, 3Shape and Carestream Dental. With only one click, doctors can connect and send their scans from the 3Shape Communicate portal or Carestream Dental Connect portal. There is no need to export the digital scan from one software program and then upload it through the 3M portal. Instead, the submission can be handled automatically.

“We’re excited to offer these new integrations with Carestream and 3Shape as part of advancing the Oral Care Portal,” says Beth Edgar, custom orthodontics business director, 3M. “Having a process to easily upload and transfer files eliminates manual steps and enables the office to complete their order for Clarity Aligners or other products in a streamlined manner.”

The new integration also reduces the margin for human error.

“Any time cases must be manually moved between software programs, there’s a risk for errors,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental. “Our new integration with 3M automates the process of submitting cases and reduces confusion.” 

Clinicians using the 3M Oral Care Portal have access to its updated toolset, which displays 3-dimensional, cross-sectional views of the teeth, with and without overlays. Key to ensuring treatment success, the workflow further enables patient progress scans at each treatment step. These scans show how well the patient is tracking to the treatment, and they allow the clinician to refine a treatment plan if the patient isn’t tracking according to plan.

“3Shape is focused on providing professionals with open options and superior treatment solutions for their patients. The seamless connection to 3M’s Oral Care Portal makes a terrific addition to the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner and is a testament to the strong partnership between 3M and 3Shape,” said Allan Junge Hyldal, vice president, 3Shape Orthodontics.    

For more information, visit 3M.com/clarityaligners.


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