Benco Announces Availability of Five New Solutions at GNYDM

Benco Announces Availability of Five New Solutions at GNYDM
Posted: December 3, 2018
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PITTSTON, Penn.—Privately-owned dental distributor Benco has introduced five solutions from its vendor partners and branded lines. Among them are offerings from Herman Miller, Pro-Sys, Carestream Dental, exocad and Convergent.   

Herman Miller Compass: The furnishings of Herman Miller and Nemschoff have been used in stylish, versus sterilizing, health care environments for five decades. Compass cabinetry for the dental operatory presents a system designed for change. Components are easily assembled, removed, rearranged and refreshed. Storage can be quickly relocated, dental utilities can be easily accessed, added or modified, and damaged product can be easily replaced without demolition. Tiles and components are wrapped in durable material that requires no edge banding. The results: unmatched flexibility with a seamless, cleanable, durable surface.

Pro-Sys VarioSonic: Tooth brushing is inexact, and can lead to enamel loss, gum disease and painful sensitivity when done improperly. The VarioSonic technology eliminates the guesswork, which is especially important for dental patients who suffer from periodontal disease symptoms, or have sensitivity or bleeding. Five precision brush heads and five speeds allow the selection of one that’s ideal for an individual’s teeth and gums. VarioSonic features Dupont Tynex filaments.

Carestream CS 3100 Milling System: CS 3100 offers three distinct fabrication options, including milling, grinding and carving, and delivers hybrid resin, and ceramic restorations—ideal for full-contour crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and three-element bridges. This quiet, vibration-free mill can be used anywhere in the dental practice. Its compact design and small footprint allow ease of installation. The CS 3100 features integrated compressed air and cooling circuit, and no water supply or drain is needed. Automatic calibration, easy cleaning and handling offer accessibility for use by every staff member.

OneVisit Chairside powered by exocad: At Benco Dental, the OneVisit concept for CAD/CAM same-day dentistry launched in 2014 as one of the first open in-office restoration production systems with a focus on customer choice. At exocad, ChairsideCAD launched earlier this year as the first complete open architecture CAD/CAM software platform. The result of their recent collaboration: OneVisit Chairside powered by exocad, an open-architecture CAD/CAM software platform for single-visit dentistry. The Chairside workflow is streamlined, easy to learn, and optimized for usage in the dental practice, including a step-by-step guide through the design process.

The Next Generation of Solea by Convergent Dental: The new, smaller Solea cuts faster, smoother and 99.2 percent anesthesia free and features enhanced software and improved remote access with a 4G LTE mobile data connection. The CO2 all-tissue dental laser, Solea, takes anesthesia, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort out of the dental experience. Its latest advancements provide significant software upgrades, improved ergonomics, increased accessibility and a smaller footprint (15 percent slimmer).

For more information, visit or call 800-462-3626.


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