Henry Schein and Dentsply Sirona Announce Schedule for New "Exceed with Cerec" Series

Posted: September 14, 2018
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MELVILLE, N.Y.—Henry Schein and Dentsply Sirona have announced the launch of their “Exceed with Cerec” event series for the fall of 2018.

Held at various locations throughout the year, the two-day program is designed to demonstrate the clinical applications of the Cerec system, educate the practice and patient benefits of integrating the system into practices, and ultimately help oral health professionals operate a more successful and productive practice. Upcoming events taking place this fall will occur at venues in cities across the country, including Minneapolis, Minnesota; Charlotte, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts.
Clinicians attending these events will have an opportunity to scan, design and mill restorations while receiving hands-on demonstrations with polishing, staining and glazing a variety of innovative materials.
“As a trusted advisor, Henry Schein, together with our valued partner, Dentsply Sirona, remains committed to providing opportunities that help dental professionals provide better, safer and more convenient care,” said John Cox, vice president of technology, Henry Schein Dental. “We are excited to offer this event program, which is designed to expand knowledge, improve skills and efficiency, and teach new approaches that practitioners can rely on to support their digital dentistry journey.”
Events will be offered across the country, two of which will be customized specifically for practitioners looking to implement digital impressioning first and whom may add chairside milling in the future. These events, which are taking place on October 12 in Chicago and New York City, will showcase how digital dentistry with CEREC can enhance practice efficiencies and unlock new opportunities as a result of implementing a digital workflow with digital impression systems. Additional dates and locations include:
·         September 28: Minneapolis, Minnesota
·         October 5: Charlotte, North Carolina
·         October 5: Boston, Massachusetts
·         October 12: Baltimore, Maryland
·         October 12: San Francisco, California
·         November 9: Atlanta, Georgia
·         November 9: Phoenix, Arizona
·         November 16: Tampa, Florida
·         November 30: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
For more information, visit exceedwithcerec.com.


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