Forward Science Donates to Local Hygiene School Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted: July 18, 2018
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HOUSTON—Almost a year after one of the most catastrophic disasters to hit the United States, Forward Science has partnered with local dental professionals affected by Hurricane Harvey to rebuild their practices.

Hurricane Harvey affected many cities in South Texas, with Houston seeing a staggering amount of the devastation. Forward Science, a Houston-based company, is proud to be able to play a role in rebuilding the dental community and restoring dental and medical professionals back to normalcy in any way possible.

“Having been through Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Harvey, I have seen firsthand what these natural disasters can do to a city, both good and bad,” said Forward Science CEO Robert J. Whitman, a New Orleans native who now lives in Houston. “I have seen the destruction a storm can create, destroying cars, homes, workplaces and normalcy all together. But the positive aspect is to see a community and city bind together and get through these challenging times. It is promising seeing first responders, neighbors from near and far, and local companies, like Forward Science, do everything they can for those who were affected. That is the positive outcome from a negative situation, and we are happy to play our role in helping the local community.”

One of the benefactors of Forward Science’s donation was Lone Star College – Kingwood Dental Hygiene. During Hurricane Harvey, the campus was devastated. The dental hygiene clinic was completely destroyed, including all of its contents.

“The loss has created challenges for the faculty and students and their varied learning platforms. It is with the generosity of our community partners, which always astounds us, with their support and willingness to share for our student’s success. Forward Science and the knowledge that they share, will help to increase student learning and provide an invaluable service to our community patients," said Ami Sanchez, a recent UT dental hygiene graduate and current faculty member at Lone Star College - Kingwood. 

For more information about Forward Science's disaster relief efforts, visit
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