Dental Whale Merges with Breakaway Practice, Expanding Opportunities for Dental Entrepreneurs

Dental Whale Merges with Breakaway Practice, Expanding Opportunities for Dental Entrepreneurs
Dental Industry Innovator Adds Premier Dental Seminar and Outsourcing Services Company
Posted: March 13, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff
SUNRISE, Fla.—Dental Whale, a comprehensive resource designed to help dentists "get out of their chairs and grow their dental legacy", has merged with Breakaway Practice, a company specializing in dental seminars and providing non-clinical services to dental offices throughout North America.
Dental Whale provides dentists with a wide range of practice management solutions to help build efficiencies, grow profitability, acquire practices, create an exit strategy and more. With an already established support center, Breakaway Practice adds proven systems for Dental Whale clients. On its own, Breakaway Practice serves more than 500 dental practices across the United States and Canada, with more than 90 de novos and more than 1,200 dental professionals utilizing the company’s seminar events annually. 
For dental entrepreneurs, Breakaway Practice offers signature workshops geared toward strengthening their position in their market. These tools enable dentists to obtain new patients, solve problems quickly and make processes more affordable. Whether dentists are looking to build or grow a practice, or own multiple practices, Dental Whale and Breakaway Practice have built an abundant amount of resources to simplify the growth process. Breakaway Practice will help Dental Whale increase the level of profitability to the dental practice partners through best-in-class systems and on-going education.
“The dental entrepreneurs who do best are the ones who manage practices with great efficiencies and innovative technologies,” said Scott Leune, DDS, co-founder of Dental Whale. Leune has built three startup practices in San Antonio, opened seven additional practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has helped 90 dentists nationwide build their own startup practices.
Dental Whale, with its merger with Breakaway Practice, offers the following customizable outsourcing options for dentists to choose from:
- Front and back office functions: Inbound and outbound call centers, insurance verification, billing and insurance claims, IT support and accounting.
- Marketing and lead generation: Website design, digital marketing strategies, social media and reputation management, direct mail, email drip campaigns.
- Seminars and Workshops: Practice management education for dentists, building and growing successful startups, and clinical continuing education.
- Dental practice acquisition: Help obtain financing, merger and acquisition consulting, assistance with the transition process and ongoing support for operation of multiple practices.
- Dental partnership: Unique opportunity for dental entrepreneurs to partner with a practice management group that provides innovative operations, training, and an attractive exit strategy.
- De novo specific support: Demographic analysis, negotiations, design and construction management services.
- On-site equipment repairs, service and sales: For all dental office equipment (including headpieces) and unique ability to loan equipment.
“Dental Whale provides an extensive list of services for private dentists, and will continue to expand through mergers like this as the needs of the dental community evolves,” said Leune. “We’re strong advocates for dentists everywhere and believe that with the right tools in place, private practice dentists can achieve great success and should embrace these exciting new opportunities.”


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