KaVo Releases a New Category of Intraoral Sensors

KaVo Releases a New Category of Intraoral Sensors
Posted: March 6, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—KaVo Kerr recently announced the expansion of its growing portfolio of imaging solutions at this year’s Chicago Midwinter dental meeting with the new Dexis FS Ergo. Built upon the Dexis PerfectSize sensor and TrueComfort design, the FS Ergo aims to redefine patient comfort and create a new class of digital sensors.

FS Ergo combines innovative design and skillfully engineered components to add ease and flexibility to the patient experience. The sensor provides significant improvements in comfort for patients with low tolerance for standard intraoral modalities, allowing for a more pleasant sensor placement that patients will remember.

Product features include:

Sensor housing: Resistant to bite marks, the submersible sensor housing can also withstand a wide variety of disinfection chemicals.
Cable-To-Sensor connection: Equipped with connectivity proven successful under rigorous testing to such forces as pulling, twisting, straining, and bending.
USB connector: Built to withstand high frequency insertion and pulling cycles, the USB connection adds to the overall durability of the sensor.
Contoured positioning system: Made from advanced materials, the positioning system allows the sensor to easily exit and protects the longevity of the cable from wear and tear.

The sensor helps reduce retakes due to patient movement caused by discomfort which enhances practice efficiency and creates a streamlined digital workflow. By pairing the newly developed flexible sensor technology with a soft housing, FS Ergo can “give” as X-rays are being captured. The proprietary holder system is uniquely designed to accommodate the flex of the sensor so that it can adapt to patients.

“Dexis products have always instilled confidence in patients and practitioners, and FS Ergo by KaVo will reinforce their beliefs,” said Insiyah Ahmedi, senior marketing manager, KaVo Kerr Intraoral Imaging. “The complete line of Dexis imaging products has continually displayed the ability to innovate and excite with digital solutions that consistently provide highly diagnostic information crucial for patient care."

For more information, visit dexis.com/fs-ergo.


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