Engle Dental Systems Announces New Rear Delivery System to Complement Traverse Chair

Posted: February 22, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HILLSBORO, Ore.—Set to debut at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Engle Dental Systems announced a new rear delivery system as a space-saving addition to its Traverse Chair. Designed with feedback gathered from dentists nationwide, Engle engineered the Rear Delivery for efficient and ergonomic two- or four-handed dentistry. The unit is available in doctor and assistant or assistant-only configurations.

Engle introduced its Traverse Chair in 2010 and the company says it has recently gained widespread popularity as operatories become smaller and dentists look to do more with less space. The traverse function has recently been utilized by dental service organizations who use the chair as a space-saving tool to allow more operatories within each location. 

"With the growing popularity of the Traverse Chair, we felt that it was important to be able to offer a rear delivery system to complement the chair and as a way to further optimize operatory space," said Dave Maynard, head of product development at Engle. "We wanted to create a delivery system that allows dentists to take full advantage of the 10 inches of space behind the patient that the traverse feature provides."

The Engle unit is floor-mounted and compatible with new or existing cabinetry. The Rear Delivery also comes with handpiece lockout on the control head as a standard feature. The delivery system features a compact and adjustable control head and a 22-inch adjustable-height work space. Combined with the zero-clearance design of the all-hydraulic Traverse Chair, the pair provides for uncrowded rear operation, which is ideal for the 12 o'clock position.  

The Engle Rear Delivery System will be available for purchase through Engle dealers and distributors.  

For more information, visit engledental.com.


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