Dental Marketing Expert and Hygiene KOLs Form Integrated Marketing, Sales and Education Platform

Dental Marketing Expert and Hygiene KOLs Form Integrated Marketing, Sales and Education Platform
Posted: February 12, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

BRICK, N.Y.—Three dental industry veterans have joined forces to form an alliance called MESA; Marketing, Education and Sales Associates. Michael Ventriello, Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS, and Debbie Zafiropoulos, RDH, will collaborate in developing integrated launch plans for new dental industry companies and products.

The founders have identified the "perfect" MESA client prospect as an innovator in the earliest stages of its launch cycle that needs to ramp up its marketing, clinical education and sales efforts quickly and simultaneously.

"Although marketing is the driver for awareness, adoption and retention, it requires constant input and collaboration from educators and sales representatives to hone the message and develop the tools needed for implementation. MESA is closing the loop," says Ventriello, owner of the strategic marketing consultancy, Ventriello Communications.

"The most common pieces missing from the launch puzzle are usually education and training," said Zafiropoulos. "For example, most of the time and budget is focused on introducing a product and selling it into the dental office, but with little or no education or training, the new product is not used correctly, if at all. In fact, supply closets are where products—especially new technology that are not properly supported by education and training, go to die."

"Another common mistake companies make is hiring hygiene educators who are not comfortable in a sales role," adds Wadsworth. "Education and sales efforts can and should be successfully blended, to improve the bottom line. Debbie and I are both highly experienced in consultative sales. We're not merely selling, we're providing clinical solutions for better patient outcomes."

The following are examples of what can be included in a MESA Launch Program:
- Public relations
- Messaging and positioning
- Advertising
- Direct marketing lead generation
- Sales materials / brochures
- Social media
- Training webinars
- In-Office training
- Field sales
- Lead follow-up
- Hygiene educator training
- Dental meeting booth staffing
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