Solutionreach Launches SR Schedule

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Solutionreach Launches SR Schedule
New solution simplifies and improves scheduling experience for practice and patient
Posted: December 7, 2017
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LEHI, Utah—Solutionreach, a provider of patient relationship management (PRM) solutions, announced the launch of its new product, SR Schedule, which allows practices to offer patients an easy-to-use online scheduling option.

Currently, one in five patients are able to schedule online but 77 percent of patients say they would like to. For practices, online scheduling not only meets a patient need, but can simultaneously reduce workload for staff and increase revenue.

SR Schedule is a timesaver for patients and staff, with the average scheduling call taking about eight minutes, and also helps practices recruit new patients in an age where more than 80 percent of patients use online reviews as a first step in finding a provider. When prospective patients search online listings, social media sites, and websites for a provider, they are more likely to book an appointment if immediate, 24/7 online scheduling is presented as an option.

“Practices need to focus on patient experience and meeting changing patient expectations,” said Jim Higgins, founder and chief executive officer of Solutionreach. “Online scheduling is just one of the many tools that can help them do that while also improving their own efficiency. SR Schedule meets these needs in a solution that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both the practice and their patients.”

SR Schedule patient and practice advantages include:

- Real-time schedule integrated with the practice management system
- Complete practice control over the schedule and patient appointment viewing
- Customizable patient data needs for scheduling
- Insurance card photo submission with appointment request
- Appointment booking via mobile device, website, social media, or other online list
- Automated appointment submission and verification message alerts

“Practices have been asking for an online scheduling tool that is very easy for patients to use,” said Higgins. “This solution was really designed with the patient in mind, but with a lot of control and flexibility in how the schedule is set up for the practices.”

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