Practice Management Company CallForce Aims to Increase Patient Retention

Posted: October 16, 2017
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OREM, Utah—Life as a dental office receptionist can be frustrating. Research shows that it takes nearly 22 calls for a receptionist to schedule an appointment for an overdue patient. Not only is this frustrating, but it can take away time for other job responsibilities.

CallForce, located in Orem, Utah, is a practice management software that helps schedule overdue patients. Dedicated to improve office productivity and increase profitability, CallForce serves countless dentist offices across the nation, having already scheduled 115,000 appointments.

By being securely connected to offices’ practice management, CallForce’s team of hygiene coordinators makes personal calls to patients in the evenings, convenient times when patients are home from work and receptionists are off the clock. CallForce directly inputs these schedules into offices’ appointment books.

Working alongside other relationship management software, the company focuses on patient retention, scheduling appointments for overdue patients that have not been in the office anywhere from 6 to 18 months. This demographic holds the greatest potential ROI, as returning patients are more likely to request additional work.

“Our practice has been with CallForce for a long time. They [CallForce] are our only source of recall. Having said that, our schedule book is full! They work after our scheduled hours, so they are never in our way,” says Hanson Family Dental.

CallForce serves on a month-to-month basis, charging only for actual scheduled appointments. The company provides a daily report of updated patient information (e.g., contacted patients, changed practices, etc.), supporting offices in staying organized and up-to-date with their records.

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