Dentaltown Magazine - September 2013

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by Howard Farran, DDS, MAGD, MBA, DICOI; Publisher, Dentaltown Magazine
Dr. Howard Farran, publisher of Dentaltown Magazine, explains why you should invest in your practice when preparing to retire and sell it, rather than “milking it for the last 10 years.”
by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine
Dentaltown Magazine Editorial Director Dr. Thomas Giacobbi explains that the way the phone is answered at your dental practice matters a great deal.
by Timothy Lott, CPA, CVA
Timothy Lott, CPA, discusses some issues to correct before you try putting your practice up for sale.
by Benjamin Lund, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
Diana P. Friedman, CEO of Sesame Communications, tells us all about the company, what makes it tick and the ever-evolving research that goes into its products.
by Chelsea Knorr, Associate Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
Now a successful dentist, Dr. Miran Ho first got her degree in civil and environmental engineering and in management. You don’t want to miss this career change story.
by Ara Nazarian, DDS, DICOI
Using a case to illustrate, Dr. Ara Nazarian explains, “The diagnostic wax-up, when used properly, can provide valuable information to the dentist, ceramist and patient in a threedimensional manner.”
by Greg Auerbach, MBA
Practice transitions specialist Greg Auerbach presents the top 10 questions he and his team at American Dental Sales (ADS) address when dentists are buying or selling a dental practice.
by Krista Houstoun Associate Editor Dentaltown Magazine
Dentaltown Magazine Associate Editor Krista Houstoun reviews the first ever Successful Women in Dentistry Conference held this summer in California.
by Jason P. Wood, Esq
Hiring an associate is a science. Jason Wood lays out the best strategy for your practice to be successful.
by Douglas Carlsen, DDS
Retirement isn’t all umbrella cocktails on a beach vacation. Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains financial resources and recommends doctors decide what they’re going to do when they “grow up.”
by Krista Houstoun, Associate Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
Dentaltown Magazine reached out to leading dental practice management software companies to discuss why transitioning to a paperless practice isn’t a trend – it’s vital.
by Allen S. Honigman, DDS, MS
Dr. Allen S. Honigman presents two cases to exemplify how LAPIP gives practitioners more options in the long run than other surgical interventions.
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This case is complicated enough for a referral. What would you do?
This thread challenges the concept of “supervised neglect.”
What a looker! This gingivectomy took three minutes and bleeding was neligible.
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by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education
Howard Goldstein, director of CE, gives you the update for Dentaltown’s online CE.
Hygiene & Prevention
by Patrick McKeown
Mouth breathing affects the body in so many ways. Patrick McKeown explains how to diagnose mouth breathing and promote nose breathing.


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