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Staff writer, Dentaltown Magazine
Office Visit: I Am Ironman
Dentaltown - October 2011
Winner of the Rhode Island Half-Ironman and practicing dentist, David Kahn balances his two passions.
Office Visit: Serving Those Who Have Served
Dentaltown - October 2011
Dentists and students at University of Las Vegas volunteer at a charity for veterans to receive needed dental work.
The Wild Side of Dentistry
Dentaltown - September 2011
Drs. Dan Mairani and Steven Holifield were asked to treat a 380-pound silverback gorilla that had been suffering from a dental infection. This is their story.
Office Visit: When There’s a Will
Dentaltown - August 2011
Dr. Simone Ellis, a recent graduate, shares her adventures of starting a practice on a budget.
Compassion for the Other Man
Dentaltown - May 2011
An interview with Terry Dickinson – lifetime dentist, founder of Missions of Mercy, winner of the 2010 ADA Humanitarian Award, and regular do-gooder.
Office Visit
Dentaltown - May 2011
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
Hello Bracket Table, Meet iPad
Dentaltown - April 2011
Dr. Robert Marcus and his team developed DDS GP, a top-grossing iPad app for dentists to simply explain complicated procedures to patients.
Corporate Profile: Productive Dentist Academy
Dentaltown - March 2011
Filling Cavities in Production
Office Visit: Catching the Green Wave
Dentaltown - February 2011
This month Dentaltown Magazine visited the office of Dr. Fred Pockrass, a practicing dentist in Berkeley, California. Together with his wife, Dr. Pockrass created the very first green dental office in the U.S. and founded the Eco-Dentistry Association.
Dentistry on the Front Line
Dentaltown - December 2010
Dentaltown Magazine had the opportunity to learn about Colonel Steven Eikenberg and his time spent as a dentist serving in the United States Army; where he helps others serving overseas, and trains the local dental professionals in the countries where he is stationed.
The Paperless Practice
Dentaltown - December 2010
As digitization of practices becomes more widespread, many options make “going paperless” attainable for every dental practice.
The Scoop on Groupon
Dentaltown - November 2010
Dentaltown Magazine examines, how it works and how it applies to dentists.
Bringing Back the House Call
Dentaltown - November 2010
In this feature Dentaltown Magazine had the opportunity to explore a mobile dentistry company, Home Care Dentist.
Movie Review: Crooked
Dentaltown - November 2010
A 17-minute film short that gets straight to the importance of oral health.
Office Visit: Right Implant, Right Place
Dentaltown - November 2010
Drs. Michael Hoffman and Stephen Barnes of Falls Oral Surgery and Implant Center talk about their evolving interest in implants, along with how technology has affected the way they practice, and the influence Dentaltown has had on their practice philosophy.
Dentist Sets Sights Deep
Dentaltown - November 2010
Practicing dentist Dr. John Chung, along with five other male swimmers broke the world record for an ocean relay covering 202 miles of territory.
Social Media Focus: But First, A Social Primer
Dentaltown - September 2010


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