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Boost Your Treatment Acceptance
Dentaltown - May 2018
Practice management consultant Sandy Pardue discusses protocols and conversations that lead to payment at time of treatment.
Start Off The New Year With New Systems
Dentaltown - January 2018
Practice management consultant Sandy Pardue discusses the most commonly overlooked opportunities for organization and systematization, which affect a practice’s consistency and predictability.
Simply The Best
Dentaltown - March 2017 - UK Edition
5 steps to building a great team, and 4 ways to overcome some common obstacles.
Simply the Best
Dentaltown - November 2016
5 steps to building a great team, and 4 ways to overcome some common obstacles.
What You Need to Know to Hire the Perfect Hygienist
Dentaltown - November 2015
Not sure if you need another staff member? Sandy Pardue gives you the data, the details and the process you’ll need to make the right decision.
Establishing an Accounts Receivable System
Dentaltown - August 2015
Well-known Townie and practice-management consultant Sandy Pardue offers best practices for getting paid on time, and how to follow up with accounts that have gone awry.
Staff Pay and Rewards
Dentaltown - July 2015
What rewards will most effectively express your appreciation—and keep your employees happy and fulfi lled? Sandy Pardue fi lls in the gaps.
Gain Control Over Broken Appointments
Dentaltown - September 2014
Sandy Pardue talks about how to mitigate broken appointments in your practice.
Identifying the Office Manager Position
Dentaltown - April 2014
Sandy Pardue discusses what specific roles an office manager should take and what attiributes to look for when hiring the right manager.
Top 12 Best Practices for 2014
Dentaltown - January 2014
Sandy Pardue discusses 12 things you can do to boost your practice numbers and start 2014 off on the right foot.
Recruiting and Hiring for the Dental Practice
Dentaltown - April 2012
Sandy Pardue presents an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to hiring the best people you can to work for your dental practice.
Recruiting & Hiring for the Dental Practice
Dentaltown - 2011 New Grad Edition
If you have systems in place from the very beginning, interviewing candidates for your new practice can be streamlined and efficient. Sandy Pardue, the director of consulting at Classic Practice Resources, even gives you a cheat sheet of questions to ask.
Interviewing for a Successful Associateship
Dentaltown - 2011 New Grad Edition
Sandy Pardue presents a blueprint for the perfect interview, along with tips to find an associateship position that fits your personal and professional goals.
Where, Oh Where Have Your Patients Gone?
Dentaltown - March 2011
Sandy Pardue discusses the forgotten patients and what can be done to get them back in the practice and in the chair.
Effectively Marketing Your Equipment
Dentaltown - October 2010
Sandy Pardue discusses effective ways to successfully market new equipment and technology to prospective and current patients.
Organizing for Success: Get Your Team Rowing in the Same Direction
Dentaltown - May 2010
Sandy Pardue introduces the steps to get you started on creating organizational systems that will help you alleviate stress and get you on the road to becoming more organized.
Face Embezzlement Head On
Dentaltown - December 2009
Don't think that embezzlement can never happen to you. Practice Management Consultant Sandy Pardue presents common embezzlement and fraud techniques and ways to prevent it.
Change: The Solution to Problems Practices Face Today
Dentaltown - September 2009
This article focuses on the key issues dental offices face, along with suggestions for addressing each one.
Second Opinion: How to Flourish During an Economic Downturn
Dentaltown - March 2009
Practice management consultant, Sandy Pardue, discusses ways for your practice to stay afloat and actually flourish in this down economy.


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