The Perfect Smile Studios Joins Dentex, the U.K. Dental Partnership Group by Rahul Doshi

Dentaltown UK Magazine - The Perfect Smile Studios Joins Dentex, the U.K. Dental Partnership Group
by Rahul Doshi, partner at The Perfect Smile Studios

Independent dental practitioners are unique in the demands they face. Not only must they be accomplished in their chosen practice, with the strong interpersonal skills necessary to foster the confidence of their patients, but they also need the acumen to run a successful business. It’s a difficult balancing act that can often leave even the most successful practitioners wondering if there’s an easier way.

Bhavna and myself are partners at The Perfect Smile Studios—combined, we have more than 50 years’ experience within the dental profession. During the past 25 years we have owned multiple practices; provided support to colleagues in the industry; operated an advanced training institute on functional aesthetics; coached a variety of practices using our Dental Wealth Builder programme; and won multiple awards, including most recently ‘Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry’ in March 2017 at Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. We would consider ourselves very experienced in the dental industry, and yet…

From fiscal control and HR to marketing and building maintenance, there are times when running a practice gets in the way of being a dentist. It is this which led us to join Dentex. A newly formed dental partnership group, Dentex has a unique co-ownership model in which you get the support of being part of a larger network, whilst still being able to preserve your independence and pursue your individual interests.

Although Bhavna and I understand the intricacies of establishing a successful dental practice based upon quality dentistry and cohesive teamwork, we were looking for a viable way to expand and replicate the business acumen we had acquired.

The Dentex system offers a two-pronged approach for potential partners. A regional partnership appeals to principals who wish to take their practice to the next level but don’t necessarily know where to start when it comes to expansion. Taking a minority share in the business, Dentex provides funding and the centralised resources—mentoring, guidance, technical, financial, compliance, legal and clinical support—necessary to drive practices forward.

Alternatively, as a practice partner your practice would become part of a regional partner’s group. You would gain the support and mentorship needed to be able to refocus your energy into the areas which most interest you. It’s ideal for dentists who love their work, want to remain invested in their practice, but wish to be relieved of the full responsibility of managing it.

We’re regional partners, so Dentex provides us with an extensive vehicle of support and finance that has enabled us to grow exponentially. Dentex has an amazing support structure of forward-thinking innovative team members that makes growth and acquisition far simpler than it would have been otherwise.

Relinquishing complete autonomy in our practice would have been unthinkable for us, but Dentex is a partner that has allowed us to preserve our ethos and way of business and provide a collaboration of mastermind. We have been able to keep our business identity, leadership philosophy, quality of dentistry and exceptional patient care. At the same time, Dentex has given us the financial and business support to grow our own group of practices.

Clinical excellence is at the front and centre of the Dentex culture. Created and run by dentists, the group is already working with several established practices and this number is growing rapidly as it formally launches to the wider market this May.

Dentaltown UK Magazine - The Perfect Smile Studios Joins Dentex, the U.K. Dental Partnership Group

Author: Rahul Doshi, partner at The Perfect Smile Studios
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