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You Should Know: Einstein Medical by Benjamin Lund, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

You Should Know:
Einstein Medical/Dental

by Benjamin Lund, Editor,
Dentaltown Magazine

Dentaltown Magazine sat down with Chairman/CEO of Einstein Medical/Dental Robert C. Silkey. He told us all about the company and what you should know about them!

Robert, tell us a little about the history of Einstein Medical. When did it start? What do you provide to the dental profession?
Silkey: Einstein was incorporated on July 5, 1995. Our mission statement is “We create exceptional business solutions for cash-pay health care professionals.” We foresaw the migration of physicians and dentist from reimbursed health care to cash-pay health care in 1993. We started building the platforms that would develop a national network of quality, like-minded entrepreneur physicians and dentists that wanted to do more highend cash-pay health care and simultaneously develop the marketing platforms that would aggregate patients who wanted these high-end cash-pay health-care services.

What is Einstein’s business philosophy?
Silkey: It might sound a little corny but we chose the name Einstein because we want to work with the Einsteins of their given area of expertise while providing innovation of cutting edge products and services with employees who strive to be Einstein-like as well.

What’s different about your company now compared to when you started?
Silkey: Obviously the size of the company; at our peak we had 260 employees. Through our innovation of our software development concomitant with streamlining our systems, we are much more efficient than we ever have been. The principles of the company however are the same: 1. Put our customers first; 2. Genuinely care about their success; 3. Provide exceptional products and services to grow the highend cash-pay side of their practice; and 4. Provide the best customer service in the space.

R&D has been a big deal for Einstein in the last few years – what have you been working on?
Silkey: I believe one of the biggest differences of our company to anyone that tries to compete with us is that we have both a software and engineering department headed by our CTO Sergiy Zubatiy, PhD, MBA. Dr. Zubatiy has been with the company for more than 12 years. The learning curve over the past 12 years has been extremely helpful to us as a pioneer of cloud-based software development in health care.

Due to an early software development project, we now have written very robust proprietary cloud-based software solutions that we believe are going to change how our target market looks at their website, SEO and social media development. This suite of Internet software is comprised of a propriety Content Management System (CMS) called Lucid, our Photo Gallery Software to help with SEO and patient conversion, Video Software that helps with SEO and patient conversion and Blog Software that will simultaneously post to all major social media sites. Our software also provides solutions to help develop what we believe is the most innovative multi-pronged approach to social media through three software products called Social Beacon, Social Broadcast and Social Magnet. In our bigger business plan, our Customer Relations Software (CRM) called PrePatient was developed to help practices covert more high-end cash-pay patients in a maturing/commoditized market. Our innovative patient financing strategy is also anchored by an enterprise software solution that provides cash-pay practices the most unique and revolutionary approach to patient financing ever created.

What makes your company stand out from the competition?
Silkey: First is our team. We have a team of employees that really makes a difference for us across all departments. Ted Ricasa, the president of Einstein, has been with me since almost the beginning. Many of our employees have been here eight to 15 years. As any business owner knows, keeping a team together for this type of longevity provides a substantial advantage in the market. I think the other factor is we are a health-care company first. Our long-term mission is to be the first company to dominate the cash-pay component of the sector. We use the Internet platform, software development, emerging technology and the most innovative ideas to help with this mission.

Why should dental practices work with Einstein?
Silkey: One of the problems that all health-care providers face is a lack of education of how the Internet really works and what are the principles that make it work. We have a much deeper understanding how the Internet works and how we can provide long-term benefit and consulting to their practice. Further, our two decades of proven success coupled with our much larger and sophisticated business plan will help them grow their high-end cash-pay practice, especially given the fact that these practices find themselves in the maturating/commoditized stage of the market.

Where do you see Einstein in five years?
Silkey: I think the market is going to see a completely different company in five years. I believe our longevity with our employees and client base coupled with all the technology innovation that we posses give us a huge advantage in the marketplace. As we reach the maturing to commoditized stage of the supply and demand business cycle both for the Internet and high-end cash-pay health care, it is imperative that Internet companies and health-care providers create product differentiation from their competitors. We believe that we have this product differentiation from companies that try to compete with us and we know that we provide unique products and services that will position our practices uniquely in their market while providing long-term growth in the cash-pay component of the health-care sector.

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