Howard Speaks: Thanks a Million! (7 Million, That Is) by Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA

Howard Speaks: Thanks a Million! (7 Million, That Is) 

by Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, publisher, Dentaltown magazine

The day before I sat down to write this column, someone posted the 7 millionth post on Dentaltown’s online message boards! That honor went to Montreal-based dentist Dr. Karim Khalife, who goes by “eeznogood” and has posted more than 34,000 times since he first became a member of Dentaltown in 2006.

Karim’s milestone post appeared in a message board thread in which a recent dental school graduate asked for advice on how to approach cases he inherited where the patients have severe abrasion or abfraction, and I particularly love that our 7 millionth post exemplifies the helpfulness and peer-to-peer communication that make Dentaltown’s message boards so unique. In this instance, another dentist in the thread brought up his own problems with composite coverages popping out, and Karim pointed him toward a specific bur that could help with the prep—and later offered to take photos to help illustrate best practices of use. (Click here to check out the entire thread so far.)

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In the few hours since Karim’s milestone post, more than 1,500 other posts have gone up too: discussing how Townies determine if their marketing materials really connect with potential patients, wondering how to make it right with a patient after three of their eight veneers came off, soliciting feedback about X-ray sensors, and hundreds of other topics.

Sometimes, the posters are just looking to blow off steam and vent with someone who “gets” what they’re going through in a way that even the most supportive spouse or friend can’t if they’re not a dentist too. One thread in the Leisure category that was created back in 2008 has racked up than 38,000 posts—and every day, people are adding even more. (Today, one Townie called it “the best thread in the entire world on any forum,” so I think it’s safe to say that dentists believe it’s worth regularly checking out!)

In many other cases, the posters are asking for help and advice from trusted peers, and the Dentaltown message boards are an ideal place to do just that. I wouldn’t call them an entirely “judgment-free zone,” but our membership and moderators work very, very hard to keep the message boards a supportive and respectful place to hang out—something you can’t say about many other social media sites with dental forums.

I’m grateful that so many dentists log in to Dentaltown every day and share their thoughts and opinions with each other. My goal was to create a world in which nobody has to practice dentistry alone, and thanks to your participation, Dentaltown has made that a reality.

If you haven’t visited the message boards in a while, I encourage you to check them out today! Share a challenging case and ask for advice, or weigh in with your two cents’ worth on a topic you’re particularly keen to discuss. You’ll find the experience worth your time—and who knows? If you stick around and keep participating, you even might be the person who helps us hit the 8 million mark!

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