Continuing Education Update by Dr. Howard Goldstein

Continuing Education Update
by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

Welcome to 2021! We just finished another great year of CE on Dentaltown, and I would like to thank all the amazing educators who contributed and helped make Dentaltown the No. 1 place for quality online dental continuing education.

Mastering Adult Minimal Oral Sedation
by Drs. Mark Donaldson and Jason Goodchild
Minimal adult sedation instruction is now available online, exclusively on Dentaltown. This 10-part dental CE series meets all state and provincial requirements for topics and hours to apply for a minimal sedation permit or recertification. Offering a total of 19.5 CE hours, this series was specifically designed to meet the guidelines of the ADA as described in its Guidelines for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists.

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics: Occlusion Simplified
by Dr. Lane M. Ochi
This presentation is a follow-up to Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics. This course presents time-saving tips, including simple single-unit restorations, how to rapidly prototype an aesthetic case and how to complete a full-mouth reconstruction. This course is a must for all restorative dentists.

From Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treating Occlusal Neurotics
by Dr. Barry Glassman
We have all dealt with a postrestorative complaint and corrected it by adjusting a “high spot” that was inadvertently created during the procedure. Almost without fail, a single adjustment resolves the complaint. We’ve also all dealt with patients who were hyperaware of their occlusion. This course is geared for the general dentist who wants to improve daily occlusal adjustments in restorative therapy and learn how to deal with more complex occlusal issues.

Rapid Dentures: Predictable, Efficient, Profitable
by Dr. Joe Barker
For years, dentures have taken too much chair time with very little predictability or profitability. This course will cover all areas of denture construction in detail, beginning with the initial oral exam through the post-insertion. Dentists will learn how to make dentures predictable, how to be efficient and how to increase profits from dentures.

Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Guided Surgery
by Dr. Charles Schlesinger
This course explains the concepts of guided surgery with a thorough discussion of the construction of guides and its uses. The course takes the participant from treatment planning through the construction of a guide and its use.

Managing TMD: What Dentists Should Know
by Dr. Eric Schiffman
Trauma is the most common cause of pain-related temporomandibular disorders (TMD). More than half of trauma cases (61%) result from patients opening their mouth too wide or too long. In this course, Schiffman describes how to diagnose and manage your patients with pain-related TMD using evidence-based methods. You will be ready the next time your patient complains of painful TMD during or after a dental procedure.

How to Ensure the Highest Success Rate for Your Implant Cases
by Dr. Michael Wehrle
This CE course is designed to increase the success rate of your implant cases by laying out a simplified protocol for placing immediate implants, ridge splits and sinus bumps, as well as the ideal restorative option, screw-mentable crowns.

Implementing Teledentistry Into Your Practice
by Dr. Maria Kunstadter
The future of dentistry is here and now. Since COVID-19, virtual visits are now part of reducing viral exposures in the dental office. Virtual visits can provide the pre-COVID screening, triaging emergencies and palliating non-emergencies to save valuable chair time and PPE. Teledentistry can become a revenue-generating addition to your practice while improving patient care.

Treatment Planning and Restoring Implants in the Aesthetic Zone
by Dr. John Nosti
From start to finish, see the what, why and how of mastering implants in the aesthetic zone. Nosti discusses the rationale behind material selection, achieving the ideal shade match and the importance of setting up the tissue for the definitive restoration, including the ideal impression technique.

The Ultimate Guide to Dentistry’s Standard of Care
by Dr. John Dovgan
Every dentist wants to know what’s expected for every procedure they do and the parameters for the standard of care. This four-part book is a bible for standards of care and how not to get in hot water with the law while performing dentistry. This is a must for all dentists and their staff to keep their patients safe from harm—and themselves safe from the law. 10 CE credits!

Improving Your Confidence and Competence in Office Oral Surgery: Atraumatic Surgical Extractions, Flaps, and Splitting Teeth
by Dr. Jay B. Reznick
This presentation covers important oral surgery topics for general dentists, including managing patients on anticoagulants, antibiotic prophylaxis, design and use of surgical flaps, handpieces and hand instruments, surgical extractions, splitting teeth, retrieving root tips, and atraumatic extraction techniques.

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