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A single sensor solution

For more than 25 years, practices paid steep prices to buy intraoral sensors and then, just to be safe, paid an annual fee to keep those sensors under some sort of warranty. The high historical cost of sensors has affected how many offices can afford to own them, as well as the subsequent impact on office workflow. In a recent survey conducted via the ADA Vendor Showcase program on the use of intraoral sensors, more than 90% of offices indicated the need for more sensors in their practices.

Solo, the universal sensor from Jazz Imaging, was introduced in 2017 and makes adding or replacing sensors cost-effective via the Jazz Club, a subscription-based offering. The subscription model lowers the initial cost of acquiring another sensor, preserves a doctor’s capital and provides a “forever warranty” that includes a zero-deductible replacement for life. The unique affordability of the Jazz Club has allowed thousands of practices to add a Solo sensor for improved efficiency and peace of mind.

Solo is a universal sensor in two respects. First, it’s a single-size solution with the highest ratio of active image area in the market, giving the clinician a large #2 size image in a small footprint. Comfortable corners and an angled cable for less torque delight both patient and staff. Second, the sensor integrates universally in all major imaging software so that it works alongside an office’s current sensors and software without disruption or additional workflow.

Founded by a team of engineers and scientists that developed three previous generations of intraoral sensors for Dexis and other large dental conglomerates, Jazz Imaging is based in Silicon Valley and manufactures Solo in San Jose, California. As both the manufacturer and retailer, Jazz provides unmatched support and service for Solo. When offices need assistance, they are speaking directly with the experts who designed and produced the sensor.

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