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Purifies air in dental practices 6 times each hour

“About two years ago, I read about a U.S. Department of Labor study showing that dental professionals have the unhealthiest jobs in America. The main reason is the toxic air quality in our practices. After doing some due diligence, I came to appreciate just how serious a typical practice’s exposure is to the bacteria, viruses and other airborne contaminants that emanate from handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, prophy treatments, patient coughs and more every single day. And since we’re an endodontic practice, we also have to deal with infected teeth.

“Fortunately, I found a company that designs air purification systems expressly for dental offices. When Surgically Clean Air visited my office to measure our air quality, the results made it clear that we were affected by the same 8-foot biocloud that affects virtually all dental offices. I also learned that the cost of an SCA system was less than what it had cost me the year before when the flu kept me out of my practice for a week and a half.

“When I learned that having an SCA Jade unit in every operatory would clean, purify and re-energize all the air in a practice six times an hour at less than 50 dB (which is extremely quiet) and remove 99.998% of particles at 0.1 microns, I was sold. It was also comforting to know that its HEPA-Rx filters meet or exceed the guidelines for general surgery applications. On top of all that, installation is as simple as plugging the units into the wall sockets.

“We’ve had our units for about 18 months, and I couldn’t be more pleased. For one thing, our entire staff survived the last two Chicago winters without a single sick day. The air in my practice not only feels noticeably fresher, my patients have noticed that it smells noticeably fresher, too. At the end of a busy day, I’m not as tired as I used to be, and my staff tells me they feel more energetic at the end of the day, too.

“When patients and staff are able to start returning to our practices, they’ll want to feel confident that they’re in a safe environment. And I can’t think of anything that would make them feel more secure than seeing a state-of-the-art Surgically Clean Air unit in every room.”

Brett Gilbert, DDS, owner of King Endodontics in Niles, Illinois.
Dr. Gilbert is a member of the College of Diplomates of the
American Board of Endodontics and a past president
of the Illinois Association of Endodontists.


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