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Delivering accuracy and patient comfort

Gingicaine Plus oral anesthetic gel is designed to give dental professionals control for local anesthetics with a new and improved format—a preloaded syringe with an ergonomic microneedle tip that precisely delivers the anesthetic.

Gingicaine Plus is formulated with 14% benzocaine, 2% butamben and 2% tetracaine hydrochloride to give fast, effective pain relief. The gel, with an onset of 15–20 seconds, provides 30–60?minutes of anesthesia to allow doctors ample time to finish procedures. Patients, meanwhile, can enjoy its pleasant, non-bitter banana flavor.

Each syringe of Gingicaine Plus contains 1.2ml of gel that allows clinicians to apply it directly into the sulcus for easy, targeted delivery without numbing the entire mouth. The proprietary microneedle tip features a 7mm gauge mark and rounded end to eliminate poking or tearing the sulcus during delivery, making it a good choice for a variety of procedures such as injections, root planing, scaling and gingival retractions.


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