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Townies crisscross the globe to ensure that everyone has access to good dental care

Since 2011, the May issue of Dentaltown magazine has profiled dental professionals who’ve donated their time and services to those in desperate need of care, whether in their communities or halfway across the world.

For this year’s installment, we asked Townies to send in photos of their recent philanthropic projects and to share a few words about where and why they participated. Over the next few pages, you’ll meet some of your peers and learn what drives them to give back. (We’ve placed the names of Townies in bold.)

Doing Good in the Dominican Republic

Last November, several Townies flew to the Dominican Republic for a weeklong mission trip and to inaugurate the newly opened training center at the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana. It was one more milestone in an evolving vision to provide dental care to the La Romana community.

They are benefiting from more than only dental care—friendship, training, a new perspective on patient care and opportunities for better lives are all byproducts of the work your colleagues, their teams and others who work in dentistry are doing to help those in need.

Scheduling Institute (SI) and World Mission Partners have coordinated dental mission trips to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic for several years. Since 2014, 120 doctors and 817 team members have treated more than 6,700 adult and pediatric patients, providing everything from cleanings and fluoride varnish to extractions and fillings.

Dr. Steve Pilipovich and his team of 16 participated in the first pediatric mission. Pilipovich says he found it rewarding to be able to teach young dentists pediatric techniques they’d never seen before, but most rewarding of all was the reaffirmation that “I seem to have been blessed with a God-given talent for delivering great dental care to kids, along with my team. Being able to take that on the road, so to speak, and deliver services that those kids wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. ... It really makes a difference in how we feel about ourselves. We’ve been reminded that the heart of our practice, and the very reason we got into this business, is to help people.”

His team members echoed his sentiments, he said. “We’ve seen such a change in our team. You come back more culture-minded, caring, compassionate individuals. You value the care you give your patients more than the paycheck you receive for the work you do. Interactions become more relational than transactional; you take more time to nurture individual relationships.”

The training center was a project started by SI CEO Jay Geier to give the hospital a place to conduct trainings for its employees. “We have already learned so much from American dentists and through SI training,” said hospital executive director Moises Sifren. “We are learning about culture, team-building, communication, leadership and standards of excellence. We are especially learning how to treat patients well.”

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Online exclusive: A deeper dive into Townies’ work in the Dominican Republic
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