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Ah, summer! Perhaps F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best with: “And so with the sunshine and the great burst of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer.”

Actually, wait. No. I think you forgot about spring, Scott. Not everything famous authors say is perfectly wonderful. But we can still be grateful for the wonderful works they bring us. Now, on that note, we present Dentaltown’s summer reading list.

The Distal Side of Goodbye
Private investigator Richard Gunn may have just taken on the hardest case of his life: a sadistic dentist on the loose in Manhattan who leaves his victims with a “goodie bag” of their own teeth. As a gumshoe, Gunn is one of the best in the business ... but when it comes to his gums, he’s terrified to his gingival core. Can he face his dental phobia, plunge into the underworld of New York’s dentistry scene and catch the killer making a bad name for the industry? Or will he find himself the doc’s next patient?

Science Fiction
Attack of the Sugar Bugs
The enemy spreads like a plague from planet to planet, causing epidemic decay to the very root of each world before attacking the next. Now, the “Sugar Bugs,” as the First Amalgam Division calls them, are set to hit humanity’s last planetary stronghold: Fluoridia. For Dental Corps Capt. Mack “Stainless Steel” Molar, this is the battle he’s been preparing for his entire life. (Book 2 of the Sugar Bugs series, “Tales From the Galactic Restoration Front.”)

The Pioneering Perio
The year is 1899, and Mildred’s father, the Tombstone town dentist, has just been killed in a freak belt-driven handpiece accident. As Mildred struggles with her father’s shocking death, and the unfamiliar territory of running a practice in the Wild West, she meets sales rep Rutherford, a strapping city slicker sent from the handpiece company to limit liability and clean up loose ends. Is Rutherford all that and a bag of hay, or is his charm and soothing sales speak just a ploy to bring Mildred to the ultimate purchase?


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