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The new SprintRay Pro 3D printer brings the power of additive manufacturing into the clinic. With numerous FDA-certified materials to choose from, dental offices can fabricate clear aligners, surgical guides, dentures, splints, study models and more, in less than 30 minutes, at a lower cost than traditional methods. SprintRay Pro was designed with the input of practicing clinicians so it would meet the needs of any individual or group practice. Sprint­Ray also offers complimentary lifetime support for its products.

SprintRay Pro uses open-source STL files for digital models so doctors can choose from an array of computer-aided design software or leverage their existing lab relationship for the design of dental appliances. SprintRay software can use artificial intelligence to automatically close and base intraoral scans, eliminating tedious steps and reducing reliance on third parties. Once the design is ready, SprintRay Pro’s onboard touchscreen computer offers step-by-step instructions for preparing the printer for each job, giving clinicians confidence to delegate to auxiliary staff.

Featuring new technology, the printer includes a high-intensity projector and patented tank materials that allow for industry-leading speed and throughput, producing up to nine arches simultaneously in as little as 25?minutes. While printing, Pro’s onboard operating system monitors progress and sends updates to SprintRay Dashboard, where doctors can remotely check progress, view resin usage and more.

SprintRay offers its own brand of dental resin developed specifically to work with Pro for maximum speed and cost efficiency. To offer flexibility and choice, the company also tests, certifies and supports select FDA- certified third-party dental materials from Dentca, Dreve and NextDent. New certifications are automatically added to Pro’s catalogue via over-the-air updates.

Because SprintRay supports all products from its Los Angeles headquarters, doctors can expect to receive expert help along the way. All printers include a complimentary one-hour training call and lifetime phone support from 3D printing technicians to ensure each printer operates at peak capacity.

For more information, visit or call 800-914-8004.


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