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Award-winning universal composite

Estelite Sigma Quick is a supranano-filled resin-based composite. Its outstanding shade-matching capabilities, wear resistance, handling and ability to retain aesthetics over many years have earned the product the trust of clinicians for more than a decade.

Estelite Sigma Quick uses spherical filler technology, which was developed more than 25 years ago by Tokuyama’s research and development team in Japan. Tokuyama Dental grows and mills its own filler particles, which guarantees that all particles are uniformly shaped, spherical and supranano in size, while other manufacturers might use filler particles with variations in shape and size. The spherical filler particles are the key to Estelite Sigma Quick’s exceptional performance and handling properties.

Furthermore, Estelite Sigma Quick can help clinicians reduce inventory and cost. The composite is available in 20 shades that blend with up to 10?tooth shades, eliminating the need to stock every shade on the spectrum. The composite also provides unsurpassed gloss with reduced polishing time. The supranano-sized spherical filler particles ensure the quality of shine over time, allowing the product to retain its gloss for long-lasting, beautiful restorations.

With a filler weight of 82% (71% volume), Estelite Sigma Quick is well- positioned to deliver high flexural and compressive strength, along with low linear shrinkage for more comfortable treatments. Clinicians reportedly enjoy working with the composite because of its packable consistency that allows for easy placement. It does not stick to the instrument and resists slumping for accurate anatomical creation.

Because of the above-mentioned features and benefits, patients and clinicians are highly satisfied with the performance of Estelite Sigma Quick. For more information, visit or call 877-378-3548.


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