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Pineyro Arch Kit
Paradise Dental Technologies has released its latest innovation in implant hygiene and maintenance for full fixed-implant restorations, The Pineyro Arch Kit. Designed with Alfonso Piñeyro, DDS, it is specifically for the implant debridement of full fixed-implant restorations. The kit allows hygienists to treat full fixed-hybrid patients without removal of prosthesis.

Pineyro Arch Instruments numbers 1–3 are crescent shaped and anatomically designed to fit around locator abutments for removable prosthetic hygiene applications. The Pineyro crescent shape also anatomically fits around standard single-unit implant abutments, and other cylindrical prosthetic designs.

Utilizing the designs of The Pineyro Arch Kit eliminates the tedious and cumbersome nature around removing the fixed prosthesis, as well as potential issues with the loss or breakage of micro miniscrews during the hygiene process. This kit contains four instruments to properly address all the difficulties in access for full fixed-implant restorations.

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iProphy Mobile
NSK engineering delivers comfortable and smooth polishing in a handpiece that is light, quiet, steady and cordless. Weighing in at 90 grams, the iProphy Mobile produces less wrist stress and gives better access to those hard-to-reach places.

Going cordless produces stress-free treatment achieved by removing the foot control and providing stable rotations throughout the procedure. The iProphy Mobile has a 2.0 torque and offers two ways of operating for a smooth performance: steady, fixed rotations in five speeds (500–2,500rpm) or a one-touch variable speed. The handpiece also accommodates any disposable prophy angle and includes 50 custom disposable sleeves.

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Vac Attak Green
Premier Dental recently announced the launch of Vac Attak Green, a new high-performance evacuation system cleaner that’s compliant with the EPA’s new 2020 regulations in support of the U.S. Clean Water Act.

Using a combination of powerful enzymes with innovative surfactant chemistry to effectively clean evacuation systems, the new product’s environmentally friendly formula meets the ADA’s best management practices. Its neutral pH, nonfoaming and noncorrosive formula and absence of chlorine or oxidizing agents make it safe and gentle for everyday use with all amalgam separators.

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