Townie Meeting 2019

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See the highlights from the special 2019 Townie Meeting where we celebrated 20 years of Dentaltown

This year’s Townie Meeting celebrated a milestone—Dentaltown’s 20th anniversary! Townie Meeting 2019 was held at Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona—in Dentaltown’s own backyard. The fun began Wednesday, March 20, with Townies hitting the green for Townie Golf sponsored by Scheduling Institute.
The meeting then kicked off Thursday morning with none other than the man himself, Dr. Howard Farran. In addition to an amazing speaker lineup, which included many well-known Townies such as “velogeek,” “persona non grata,” “jawbreaker” and “dkdocterry,” the meeting was rounded out each night with good times and great food at the various social events—including the wine and cheese reception sponsored by CareCredit and the “Party Like it’s 1999!” costume party
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