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SprintRay Announces Integration with Exocad Software
SprintRay, a company that designs, manufactures and supports 3D printers with an emphasis on digital dentistry, recently announced its integration with Exocad’s DentalCAD software. This integration enables end users to take Exocad CAD designs and fabricate them with SprintRay’s additive manufacturing technology.

Tillman Steinbrecher, Exocad CEO, says with this new integration, the company will provide MoonRay users a seamless workflow, from designing to printing, for models, partial frameworks, fixed restorations and bite splints.

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Digital Dental Record Introduces Cloud-Based File Retention System
The Digital Dental Record, known for its product DDS Safe, a three-layer file backup system, recently introduced DDS Safe R2.

DDS Safe R2 is a secure, cloud-based records retention system designed to provide a safe, secure method for dentists to store and access their patient records data for up to 10 years after a patient’s last visit. Most states have laws that require dentists to maintain access to their patient records for somewhere between six and 10 years after a patient’s last visit.

With the new system, The Digital Dental Record will inventory users’ system files and user information and securely store a copy of practice management and imaging data in the cloud. The company protects and maintains this information so when a former patient or unexpected attorney calls, it can restore a working version of users’ practice management systems up to 10 years from now.

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Professional Development Company Relaunches with New Name: CareerFusion 2
CareerFusion, one of dentistry’s first professional development workshop platforms, is being updated and relaunched as CareerFusion 2.

For almost 15 years, CareerFusion, by way of its annual Discover You retreat, has been a finishing school of sorts for dental clinicians who wanted to transition beyond chairside practice. CareerFusion 2 is described as a dedicated group of multigenerational, interdisciplinary coaches and mentors who help their clinical colleagues achieve professional development, personal growth and optimal life balance during each phase of their careers. Company founder Beth Thompson, RDH, says CareerFusion 2 is most relevant and useful for new graduates, midcareer practitioners and those ready to explore career options beyond the treatment room.

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