T-Bone Speaks: How to Save Time Training New Employees with Kevin & Missy Fryer

T-Bone Speaks: How to Save Time Training New Employees with Kevin & Missy Fryer

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         T-Bone Speaks: How to Save Time Training New Employees with Kevin & Missy Fryer

On this week’s episode of T-Bone Speaks I talk with husband and wife power-duo, Dr. Kevin W. Fryer and Missy Fryer, about training new employees.

Kevin and Missy own their practice, “Kevin W. Fryer DDS INC” in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Kevin graduated from The Ohio State University in 1989 while Missy graduated from Lake Erie College in 2001. Kevin initially started his private practice in Willoughby Hills in 1992. However, the practice outgrew its space, and so it was relocated to Mayfield Heights in 2014.

The couple married in 2012 and Missy currently works as the Business Manager at their family practice. She’s also a published author and spends a lot of her time at her writing desk crafting various dental office training manuals for her company, Buckeye Dental Productions

On the episode we discussed:

  • A peek inside Missy’s book, “Dental Office Survival Guide: 2018 Front Desk Edition” and other published works
  • The process of writing a training manual for a dental team
  • Benefits of implementing a strategy for training new employees
  • How to recognize limitations in your team and when to know it’s time for a change
  • Knowing when it’s the right time to invest in technology
  • How technology can help grow your practice and increase your bottom line
  • Much more!

{To listen to the podcast episode hit play below or to watch a video recording of our discussion click on the video at the bottom of the post}

How to Save Time Training New Employees with Kevin & Missy Fryer


Here’s a bit more detail about our discussion…

Missy’s Writing Excursions 
Missy’s first book, “The Dental Office Survival Guide” takes new employees through 365 days of life at the front desk. It includes a Front Desk Education Crash Course, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checklists for Front Desk, Daily System Reminders and much more.

Missy has also written several other books and dental office training manuals including “Survival Guide: Marketing Planner” and “Dental Office Survival Guide: Dental Assistant Workbook Beyond Spit Sucking.” 

Each of her books is designed to help new staff members improve their skills and performance in the dental office.

Running a practice is busy enough, and most dentists don’t have time for training new employees, which is where Missy’s books come in handy!

Writing a Training Manual

I was intrigued to hear more about the writing process and what goes into writing a book to help train dental teams.

Missy said it took her four years to write the book. It’s incredibly detailed and covers the step by step process of training new employees.

Most dental practice owners are very busy. They have a lot on their plates and training a new staff member can be not only time-consuming but also quite stressful and overwhelming.

So, Missy wrote the book to help people focus less on training someone new and more time doing what needs to be done to move the business forward and help patients.

Benefits of Implementing a Training Strategy

Kevin, Missy and I discussed some of the advantages of having a training strategy that utilizes a manual, workbook or handbook, etc. to help when training new employees.

Here are just a few…

  • Shortens the “learning curve” for new employees
  • Helps to communicate essential information to your new hire
  • Inspires motivation and independence in the workplace
  • Relieves other staff members (including you) from the task of training new employees
  • Standard operating procedures are voiced to help new employees handle situations in the dental office
  • New employees thrive and contribute to the practice much faster

                   T-Bone Speaks: How to Save Time Training New Employees with Kevin & Missy Fryer

Recognizing limitations in your team

Everyone has limitations, but not everyone likes to admit it.

I believe that if you have the same dental team for ten years, you’re doing something wrong. It’s a bold statement that has caused a lot of controversy in the past, so I was keen to find out Kevin and Missy’s thoughts on the matter.

Kevin and Missy both agree that it’s important to assess your team and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. After all, you want to move your practice forward, and if a team member can’t keep up, it may be time to let them go.

As an employer, it’s up to you to express your vision to your team. Sometimes, if an employee is underperforming, it’s because you haven’t given them clear instructions and they feel lost trying to figure out what’s required of them.

However, finding a team member with limitations isn’t always a bad thing. The key is to give them the opportunity to succeed. Recognise their limitations and what it means for their role in the practice. If they can rise to the challenge, great -  but you have to give them a chance.

Investing in Technology

If you’ve been keeping up with the podcast, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of technology. I believe that dentistry is continuously changing and improving and a large part of that is due to the advancement of modern technology.

So, I was interested to hear about the type of technology that Kevin and Missy have invested in their practice. They talked about their CEREC Omnicam, which has made a massive difference to their practice.

Kevin talked about the fact that the Omnicam isn’t just for creating crowns. In his own words, “It’s got its fingers in a lot of areas in our practice.” He confirmed that in addition to being used as a crown machine, it’s also become an implant machine and an ortho machine.

I asked Missy what she would say to someone who was still on the fence about technology due to the expense. She talked about the impact that technology has had and how it helped grow their practice at an increased rate. From scheduling more patients to increase their profits, the Omnicam has made a massive difference to their practice, and she strongly advises other dentists to stop debating and make the investment.

Kevin and Missy also discussed their desire to buy a Cone Beam for their practice. The main reason why they want to make this investment is, so they can restore more implant crowns and do more implants in their practice rather than referring patients to other practices.

Get in Touch with Kevin and Missy…

If you would like to find out more about Missy’s training books and manuals to help when training new employees, visit buckeyedentalproductions.com

Don’t forget to follow 3D Dentists on Facebook to keep up with the latest courses and head over to the T-Bone Speaks Facebook page  to stay updated with the most recent podcast episodes!

To watch a video of our discussion, hit play!

This article originally appeared on T-BoneSpeaks.com.

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