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Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software

Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software

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Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software

The thought of using dental practice management software can seem intimidating to dentists. After all, we’re trained to use technology to provide dental care. We’re not trained in dental office software.

But what if you found dental software programs that were actually easy to install and use? What if you found dental software that didn’t require you to be a computer programmer to benefit from it?

Even better, what if you could install software and see immediate, measurable benefits?

Would dental management software that helped you build reliable, recurring revenue interest you? Would software that helped you save time and money be worth looking into?

When I started building my practice, one of the best investments I made was to hire a business coach. My business coach helped me stay accountable and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I made much better decisions and kept moving forward having a coach alongside me.

Another top investment I made was to invest in using Facebook to market my dental practice. I grew my practice exponentially using my Facebook page and Facebook ads.

My coach helped me push forward. Facebook helped me grow. But investing in my team and strategic dental software programs made my life much easier.

Here are two ways you can use dental office software to improve your practice.

1. Build reliable, recurring revenue with an in-house membership program.


Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software

Most dentists only dream of reliable, recurring revenue systems. More than 50% of Americans don’t have dental insurance. Most dentists compete for patients who have insurance. Why not tap into the millions of patients who don’t have insurance and cut out insurance companies altogether? In-house membership programs can help you do that.

In-house membership programs can benefit your practice and your patients. Your practice can create recurring revenue and become less reliant upon insurance. That will increase the value of your practice and allow you to focus on patient care, not insurance oversight. It also allows you to set your own fees and not worry about insurance companies cutting reimbursement rates.

Patients can benefit in several ways, too. They can get affordable care directly from you. They can get the care they need without insurance companies squeezing them because you can focus on truly caring for them without an insurance company getting in the way.

BoomCloud helps you administer your program with ease. It lets you create plans. It lets you add members to plans. It lets you track benefits. It lets you automate payments. And it prepares a number of reports to keep track of your progress and growth.

BoomCloud can even help train you and set the software up. If building recurring revenue while focusing on patient care sounds good to you, check out BoomCloud dental software. If you’re a member of Delivering WOW U, you may already know that we feature a course on using BoomCloud. BoomCloud also offers a $59 per month recurring discount to Delivering WOW U members as long as you’re a member. If you haven’t joined Delivering WOW U yet, claim your 14-day trial today to check out the course and unlock your recurring savings.

2. Save time and money by going paperless.


Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software

Another piece of dental office software that can make your life easier is YAPI. This program helps turn your office paperless. Patients can fill out and sign forms on an iPad anywhere in your office. Just hand your patient an iPad, and they can sign registration forms and complete their medical histories. It even pre-populates forms with patient information from your practice management software so there’s less for them to fill out.

With a few clicks, you can review completed forms and automatically update information in your practice management software.

You can even have patients fill out paperwork on your practice website using their home computer or phone.

YAPI helps you get any document signed electronically. It comes preloaded with fully customizable templates, including consent forms, post-treatment instructions, letters, and more. You can even present treatment plans created in your practice management software.

That’s only part of what software like YAPI can do with your practice. Imagine having patient information in the palm of your hands wherever you go. Imagine not worrying about losing information. Imagine eliminating scanning, shredding, filing, printing, and data entry. Imagine not having to rent costly office space to store documents you could store electronically.

Going paperless reduces appointment delays, allows you to use your team’s time more efficiently, lowers overhead, streamlines your workflows, and enhances your patients’ experience.

As with BoomCloud, we offer a behind-the-scenes tour of YAPI in Delivering WOW U. YAPI also offers a $200 credit to Delivering WOW U members. If you haven’t joined Delivering WOW U yet, claim your 14-day trial today to check out the tour of YAPI and unlock your $200 savings.

How do you use dental practice management software to improve your practice?

These are just two ways to use dental software to improve your practice. We showcase a number of dental office software programs in Delivering WOW U, many of which also offer discounts to members.

Many dental office software programs can reduce or eliminate repetitive or unnecessary parts of running your practice so you can focus on high-impact activities and serving patients well.

If you want more help growing, running, and marketing your practice, sign up for your 14-day trial to Delivering WOW U. There, you will find my best training, systems, strategies, and dental software suggestions. You’ll also find exclusive deals and discounts from the best dental product and service providers.

You can also join my free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook group, where thousands of dentists and I help each other build better practices.

Finally, if you want even more personalized help, sign up for my next business bootcamp session, where I work directly with you and a small group of other dentists to improve your dental practice.

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