T-Bone Speaks: Bringing Your Practice Out of The Stone Age and Introducing Invisalign with Dr. Suneet Bath

T-Bone Speaks: Bringing Your Practice Out of The Stone Age and Introducing Invisalign with Dr. Suneet Bath

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                          T-Bone Speaks:

On this week’s episode, I speak with Dr. Suneet Bath.

Dr. Suneet Bath grew up in a small town in Washington State. He was always a hard worker in school and instead of going out partying, he put his head down and studied to become a dentist. Suneet graduated in 2001 and did his residency at Bright Now Dental for three years. Following this, the opportunity to buy his own dental practice presented itself, and he took it with both hands. He is now the proud owner of Impressions Dentistryin Olympia, WA.

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Here's what we discussed:

Introducing new technology to a dated practice

When Suneet first obtained his new dental practice, he noticed it was quite dated. It was in good standing and had an excellent reputation, but it wasn’t quite up to speed regarding its technology and procedures.

Instead of seeing this as a downfall, Suneet saw it as an opportunity for growth. He also aimed to expand the spectrum of procedures that the practice offered and began introducing new technology such as digital x-rays, computers, intraoral cameras and a CEREC machine.

He attributed the steady growth of his practice to two main technologies, which were the CEREC machine and the intraoral cameras. It wasn’t long before his practice gained more momentum as new patients began to arrive.

Suneet watched his practice continue to grow and produce more revenue with each passing year, and he said that a large part of this growth was due to the new technology he introduced to the practice.

Less same-day seats

As chairs started to become even more valuable, Suneet had to decrease the number of same-day seats he assigned to his patients.

We talked about how he never promises his patients anything and instead prefers to see how the appointment goes. Of course, when a patient asks for their procedure/procedures to be done in one visit, Suneet accommodates that patient and gets it done in one visit.

I think Suneet’s approach is interesting because I’m the total opposite. I almost always promise a single visit to my patients and then I’m left trying to figure out how I’ll make it work. It’s important to remember that every practice is different and what works for you might not work for someone else.

Building and relocating a practice

Suneet’s practice grew steadily to the point where he had to consider relocating and building a new, bigger practice to meet the demand.

He purchased land and was able to build the practice of his dreams with the ability to continue to expand it in the future if necessary.

Incorporating Invisalign into your practice

I was curious to know more about Suneet’s Invisalign story, so I asked him about his history with Invisalign, such as when he got certified and how he got it to the stage it’s at now.

Suneet started Invisalign in 2007 and referred to it as the “gift that kept on giving”. He took a course, which helped him to polish his skills and make the Invisalign process much easier.

Bringing Your Practice Out of The Stone Age and Introducing Invisalign with Dr. Suneet Bath

Invisalign for health purposes

Invisalign isn’t just for cosmetic purposes. It has four essential health benefits:

1. Less chipping and less wear

2. Decreases gum disease

3. Reduces tooth decay

4. Sensitivity decreases

Ask T-Bone

In the final portion of our discussion, I asked Suneet if he had any questions for me.

He asked when the right time is to bring on an associate to his practice. This is a question that I get a lot, and my main piece of advice is to create an outline of what you need in an associate and then strive to find someone that fits that outline and your practice.

It was then my turn to ask Suneet the final question, which was what the one piece of advice is that he would give to other dentists to help grow their practice.

His answer was simple but powerful. Do things that make you happy because life is too short. If you’re happy and passionate about what you do, your practice will thrive off that passion.

Happiness is the ultimate key to success in life.

I enjoyed having Dr. Suneet Bath on the show, and it was great hearing what he had to say about dentistry, Invisalign and the vital role that happiness plays in the success of a practice.

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To watch the full episode of the show hit play on the video below:

This article originally appeared on T-BoneSpeaks.com.

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