UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
Helmut Flasch, founder of the Un-Advertising marketing concepts, provides insights on how to increase new patients without relying on traditional advertising and without spending a lot of time. http://www.UnAdvertise.com
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The Second Business Which You Never Know You Have

The Second Business Which You Never Know You Have

12/16/2016 5:52:39 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 43

Most doctors forgot, or never knew, that you do not own one but two distinctively different businesses and yet are running it as one.

This amounts to the same catastrophic magnitude as administering the same medicine to two children from the same family while having taken only one child's vital measurements.

Lack of this knowledge results in the second business not being operated and worked on and thus financial hardship is as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow.

You own a practice -- we call this the "first business."

In this business, you would hire enough employees and buy the needed equipment to service the patients with all their needs.

Now, envision in your mind that there is another business whose sole responsibility is to get patients into your practice, which we will call the 'second business.'

Let’s even imagine that you would only have to pay a rather small percentage of the revenues generated by this company and that this company, let's call it XYZ marketing company, has as its sole duty to bring patients into your practice.

Ok, do you have that picture?

Now, do you want that second business to work FULL TIME on your marketing or part-time?

Do you want that company to go out on a limb to test the latest marketing technology or do you want it to waste time to do outdated actions (such as posting on social media) with no returns?

Marketing businesses all by themselves are known to make much more profit than any medical practice can ever have.  

It will be the establishing of this marketing company (or department), and the learning of how to be a professional marketer, which will determine whether your expensive and highly regarded doctor training, is any good to you.  

That is right: without the marketing training and the establishment of a full-blown marketing department, no one will reap the rewards of being a doctor like doctors used to do 50 years ago.

That is the short and the truth of it.

In another 5-10 years, only doctors who adapt to the above two-business principles will be in practice, the rest will work for others for a salary which will be nothing to write home about.

There is no way around it.

A doctor must become as good as a marketing person and business person as he is a doctor or he will work harder and harder and make less and less till he disappears like the small fruit store, the small bank, small car dealer, and the small everybody.  


Helmut Flasch

CEO, Flasch International



P.S: The year of 2017 is upon us. I am giving away a $3000 credit to my services before the end of the year. This is to reward the action-takers -- those who want to get a head start into the new year to reach their practice goals.

Remember, our programs will be a tax deduction for you. Why give it to Uncle Sam when you can invest back into growing your business?

Here are some highlights of my program and a link to get a information session with us:



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