UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
UnAdvertising: New Patient Marketing
Helmut Flasch, founder of the Un-Advertising marketing concepts, provides insights on how to increase new patients without relying on traditional advertising and without spending a lot of time. http://www.UnAdvertise.com
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How to Attract Qualified Patients

How to Attract Qualified Patients

8/19/2016 1:47:33 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 67

Targeting the type of patients you want is a lot simpler than it looks - even though it does require some effort and some understanding of how to accomplish this exactly.

Simple – yes. Easy? Not necessarily; but much more rewarding than only going after the masses with advertising eating up your profits, if there is even anything left over worth calling profits!

Choosing the right market can and usually does make or break your business. Also the personal branding, meaning the way your targeted market sees you, is equally as important.

When you target a certain market, you simply refuse to believe that in order to have patients you must hit every man and woman under the sun and hope that they will have an interest and/or the money to buy your service. This is a very crude way to make a living indeed. 

No - go to the people who most likely have the money, the desire, and the education to value your service.

Those people with the wherewithal and education to value your service also are in communication with many more people during the day than the rest of the masses.

Thus your name has a chance to be heard more often, and when it gets heard it is more believed because it comes from a somewhat influential source.

Can you see that?

Higher qualified patients:
Instead of chasing every Tom, Dick or Harry, you target the exact people who fit your most desirable profile and they will provide you with more income simply because they can. Our dental new patient marketing strategies will narrow down your message to the desirable audience. 

More effective spending:
Marketing to the 'desirable' costs the same (if not less) than to the 'not-so-desirable'. So you save money on marketing and you can use that money for more marketing to the desirable group and thus snowballing your return on investment.

More focused message:
An unfocused message, promoting everything to everyone must be one of the biggest marketing mistakes. The belief that appealing to more people is better does not work - it does the exact opposite. It appeals to nobody.

When you have a targeted market you can focus your message and be heard!! Oh yes!

Less time selling:
Instead of spending time to convince the unqualified patient to use your service (or at least some part of it by doing at least some patch-up work) you will sit in front of able and willing patients, patients who because of your personal branding from 'Un-advertising' are actually pre-sold already. What a difference that will make!

Greater profitability:
The above factors together simply makes for better profitability. It is a great synergy.

Stronger referral base:
Does it make sense to you that those able and willing patients who are usually also influential in the community, will have better and more referrals? Maybe, maybe not, but the chances are high that they will! After all it is a cinch, since birds of a feather flock together. Thus you have the added benefit of referrals from similar strata of people.

The moral of the story:

Would you rather do surgery or receive surgery with a knife made in the Stone Age or with the newest laser technology?

And that, my friend, is the difference between advertising to the masses with no particular focus and focusing on the chosen who then speak to your chosen market and who will eventually even spread the word to the masses!!

Real power, real exponential growth.

The choice is yours!

Helmut Flasch,
CEO Flasch International


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