T-Bone Speak S1Ep11 - Dhaval Patel Talks DSO, CEREC, and Being Prepared

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If you are looking for a fresh new source of inspiration, you're in for a great treat in today's episode of T-Bone Speaks. I am joined today by Dr. Dhaval Patel, whose life story and journey as a dentist can really ignite your passion for the practice and at the same time, can help you (and me, included) be reminded that time and again, preparation is essential, both in our practice and in our personal lives. You will learn from this interview that Dhaval is full of passion and a persistent learner and I believe you will gain a lot of insights that will add some positive impact to you as a person, as a dentist, and as someone who strives to become better at what you do.

Key Takeaways You'll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why patients love everything about their oral health being taken care of in one office.
  • Having the collaboration within the practice is great.
  • How working in DSO can give you more flexibility
  • Preparation is a key ingredient to success - failing to prepare is preparing to fail
  • how emphasis was put on building relationships with patients for the long term
  • The Five C's of CEREC
  • It's not about the money
  • Digital photography is a must
  • Continue to learn so that you can bring them up even more.
  • You got to learn and you got to master it yourself (first) and then you can bring other people up along with you
  • When you talk about learning more and kind of expanding your skills, if you just keep that to yourself, you’ll never grow
  • You got to have thick skin

Listen to the Full Interview:

T-Bone Speaks S1Ep11 - Dhaval Patel

Five C's of CEREC

  1. Control – you have a complete control of your design. You have so many design options to make sure you design the best restoration for your patient.
  2. Customization – you can customize your restoration. You can stain and glaze them and make them look just like the dude next door.
  3. Conservative dentistry
  4. Convenience
  5. Cost effective – At the end of the day, if you can provide great service to our patients and save money for office, we all want that.


T-Bone Asked: Do you find that having specialists sometimes makes it easier for you to provide more advanced care, restoratively than you would have been able to do in say, working with an outside specialists? Dhaval Answered:  Absolutely. I think, again, having the collaboration within the practice is great. The fact that I can talk to these specialists on a daily basis when they come in, I can have a word of conversation with them versus having to pick up the phone and call them and not get them on the phone. I think it’s a major advantage. All these specialists, again, are – they work for the practice. They work in different practices as well, but it’s very beneficial that there’s a name to the face and people can see them and when I refer these patients to these specialists, I can be with the patient and the specialists in one room discussing our care about what the plan is. Again, patients love that that I’m not referring them to an outside practice. They see that I’m collaborating with those specialists in the office right there. T-Bone Asked:  Talk to me about that situation, that setup, how that’s working for you because as soon as we say DSO’s we can just see people get angry and people say all negatives, some saying positive, but you know, as a person working in that environment, tell me, how did you get there, what was it like and was it like today? Dhaval Answered:  Well, everybody has their own experiences and people kind of relate to what they experienced, right? My experience has always been very positive with Pacific Dental Services. So going back in 2005, I came to Sacramento and I interviewed for four different positions or four different jobs. I interviewed at three DSO’s one was Pacific Dental Services and one private practice. I got accepted from everywhere except one DSO. Anyways, so I started working for Pacific Dental Services for a couple of reasons. I just love all the people there. That was my first impression. Everybody was very helpful. What do I know at that time? I’m just a new dentist, right? I look at support. I’m like, do I have support there? Do I have other doctors in the office whom I can reach out to help and what kind of business support do I have? So that’s how I started working for Pacific Dental Services. This was back in 2005. It took me about a year to start feeling comfortable with my clinical skills and I think about year one is when PDS offered me partnership. But I wasn’t ready for the commitment because I didn’t know what I wanted in life at that time. My goal was always to own a private practice so I declined the offer back then. T-Bone Asked: Okay, so, how do you get efficient and how do you get so good at this? What did you do? Dhaval Answered: Whoever comes into our door, we accept them. It’s all about patient care. The goal is to build relationship with patients and give them what they want and what they need and become efficient in the process. You create a process that you’re so efficient at it that the financial part shouldn’t come into the picture. So that’s basically how I like to practice. I started following people on CERECdoctors.com and I started talking to people like Mike Skramstad and I got inspired by those guys and the first thing that I saw is digital photography is a must.

Full Episode Transcript:


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