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10 Must Have Dental Technology Equipments

10 Must Have Dental Technology Equipments

5/2/2016 11:34:11 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 427

The world of dentistry has already gone so far compared to the past decade or so. The industry is constantly evolving and the technological advancements make the clinical and patients’ experience a lot better. Here is a short list of a few technological equipments that dental firms use these days to give world-class dental service to their patients.

  1. VELscope – The VELscope is a modern light technology that dentists use to detect any oral health issues. The gadget is simply flashed to a patient’s mouth and it will automatically scan the mouth for abnormalities. Normally, the VELscope is used in order to detect early forms of mouth cancer and other oral diseases.

  2. Digital X-Rays – The biggest advantage of the digital x-ray compared to the traditional one is that it emits less radiation and therefore is safer to work around with for radiologists. Digital x-rays can also produce an image in a matter of seconds through the computer unlike a regular x-ray wherein it may take hours to scan the image. Dentists rely on digital imaging for them to be able to get a clear picture of their patient’s dentals and give an accurate assessment of the patient’s dental health.

  3. Invisalign – This modern technology is practically invisible braces worn on the teeth to have them straightened. But unlike metal braces, Invisalign can be worn with convenience and since it’s transparent, people would not be able to tell that you are actually wearing braces to fix your teeth alignment. The transition between your fixed teeth and propped out teeth would be unnoticeable by your friends because Invisalign can also fix the problem faster compared to metal braces because these transparent braces are easy to take out for cleaning and adjustment unlike metal braces wherein you would need to schedule dental appointments to have them cleaned and adjusted. Invisalign also have no food restriction or whatsoever.

  4. Laser Dentistry – Lasers can be used to assist dentists in a lot of dental procedures. It is used when dentists are trying to fill cavities, reduce tooth sensitivity, burning down tumors, teeth whitening and to cut off complex tooth structure. The following procedures mentioned are only a few of what laser can do to help dentists all around the world. Laser dentistry is also being tested these days as a disinfectant and effective way to eliminate all forms of bacteria to avoid complications from certain procedures.

  5. Dental Implants – Teeth used to be irreplaceable. Once all your teeth are no longer “milk teeth” then there would be no chance for them to grow again once you lose any of them. These days, due to advanced technology, it may be possible to replace missing teeth as if they are natural replacements. Dental implants are teeth replacements that are screwed to the root of the tooth itself giving it an all-natural feel as if the patient simply had their missing teeth grown back as they were.

  6. HealOZone – This method is currently the most effective and fastest way to eliminate tooth decay. What makes it more convenient is the fact that the entire process is totally painless as if the patient is just going through a regular dental checkup. HealOZone takes advantage of the natural gas known as ozone (O3) as the name suggests. This gas is known to easily kill off bacteria and fungus that cause and contribute to tooth decay. The method can also be used to detect early forms of teeth decay and be able to eliminate it before the problem becomes more serious.

  7. DIAGNOdent – This technology is being used by dentists to detect cavities and tooth problems that regular x-rays cannot find. Since x-rays only scan teeth at a single perspective, there are chances that some tooth problems can be hidden or covered by structures that overlapped the said tooth cavity. This is where DIAGNOdent plays its part. It can thoroughly check the mouth for tooth cavities and obstacles that could block the view along the way would not be a problem for this technology.

  8. Intraoral Camera – This is another device that gives dentists the chance to capture images of areas in the mouth that cannot be seen by the naked eye or what the patient’s open mouth allows to see. The tiny device can just be inserted inside the mouth to take pictures of hard to see areas inside the patient’s mouth. This will allow the dentists to share the image with patients to explain to them the tooth problems first-hand and they can also easily assess the problem given they have a clear picture of the subject.

  9. Zoom! Whitening – This state of the art modern technology can whiten teeth in the fastest and easiest manner. In just a single dental appointment, the patient can right away experience whiter teeth that is eight times much whiter than the shade that it used to have prior to entering the dental clinic. Even though the method itself is quite expensive, it can be considered to be worth its price given the quick and positive results it can give.

  10. Nitrous Oxide and Intravenous IV Sedation – Nitrous Oxide commonly known as the laughing gas and IV Sedation are two of the best sedation techniques that dentists can give towards their patients in order to relax them for certain dental procedures. The latter will put the patient completely to sleep while Nitrous Oxide can let the patient interact with the dentist calmly even while the operation is ongoing.

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