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Learn About the Latest Trends in Dental Technology

Learn About the Latest Trends in Dental Technology

3/29/2016 5:26:07 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 181

Dental technology is making the job of being a dentist easier and less complicated. New equipment and procedures are helping dentists throughout the country. Dentists who are staying up-to-date on the latest trends in dental technology are getting new patients and increasing their revenues. Here are some new ways technology is helping in oral hygiene.

New Probing Technology

Although they have been used for several years, automated probes have started to become part of routine dental hygiene. Previously, they were bulky, time-consuming and not reliable.They were painful for the patients. The Diamond Probe, by Diamond General Development Corp., combines manual probing with new technology. It's plastic with black bands for visual scoring, and it also measures volatile sulfur compounds in the sulcus. The Diamond Probe gives hygienists more information than simply measuring sulcus depths. They can see the presence of volatile sulfur compounds that shows disease activity. Although bleeding and probing depths can indicate disease, the Diamond Probe will tell hygienists the areas that show signs of activity before gingival attachment is lost and perhaps even before any bleeding is evident. Besides measuring volatile sulfur compounds in the sulcus, the probe finds sulfides on the tongue. Linking bad breath to periodontal disease through these measurements will convince patients they need to do something to prevent periodontal disease.

New therapeutic technology

Hygienists have discovered new antimicrobials to squirt, stick or pack into pockets that don't respond to other tools. They can refer these patients for surgery, but, sometimes, it's just one area, tooth or surface. Endoscopes are used in many areas of medicine. These scopes involve threading a small camera into the stomach, intestines or blood vessels to evaluate the tissues. DentalView has created an endoscope for periodontal use. The latest version has a smaller handpiece and a larger screen. The machine is a fraction of the size of the original. Hygienists can view what is happening on inside of a pocket. Patients can view with the hygienists. The fiber optics and the camera show an on-screen display that is up to 40 times larger than actual size. The DV2 Perioscopy™ System can be adapted to a probe, curette or ultrasonic tip. In addition to the extra light and vision, hygienists can use the Perioscopy System to clean the area with water to promote clear imaging.

When hygienists have a patient with one or more areas of periodontal infection, they now can turn to offer an endoscopic look at those infected areas. When the patient sees and understands the situation, they can suggest recommend appropriate treatment and get it scheduled. Currently, the tools available, such as scaling and planing, are painful to the patient. Hygienists who try to use some scaling and planing end up turning off patients because of the pain they experience, but with the new therapeutic technology, they are succeeding in getting patients to fix their periodontal problems. This technology is revolutionizing how hygienists work in a dental office and promises to be a great asset for the future.
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