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KDA's Denture Lab Product Overview Video |4K|

11/16/2015 10:55:38 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 210
November 16 2015 -- As I casually stolled into the KDA lab on Wednesday morning I was formally greated by one of my favorite clinicians, Dr. David Hornbrook.  His positive nature mixed with the high energy of the lab floor made for a solid set and stage for the next 4K Ultra HD video in the removable series.  "Wanna learn about how they make dentures?" David intently inquired. I cant lie and say it was #1 on my bucket list, but being a student of all trades and the earth in general, I indulged in this adventure through the very modern and unique Denture Lab at Keating Dental Arts in Irvine, Ca.  

KDA Removable & Denture Laboratory Irvine, Ca


Keating Dental Arts




Its just some wax with teeth right?

Ok, So what could be so hard about making dentures?   You throw some teeth in some wax and call it a day right?  As I comtimplated the matter at hand, and did an overview and walk around of the Denture lab, I found that there was a lot going on, and in a really spread out area.   I thought at this point I may be eating my words or at the very least maybe shifting perceptions on the intricacy that is "dentures & removables".    As I fired up the Gimble for the 4K camera, Jim Cain (denture lab manager) rolled up and greated me with his fresh new Kdz Aesthetic zirconia Veneers!   Lookin fresh and a with a well lit set in the lab we mosied into the Directors chairs and started the shoot.   

Motion in the "denture" ocean!

After a very short, and too the point overview on the KDZ Denture products and a bit about bego cast paritals and other removables we got to pick up the gimble motion stabelizer and move around the lab floor with Dr. Hornbrook & Jim.   First I learned a bit about Ivoclar Ivocap and got to actually boil some up!  Pressing the Ivocap was actually pretty easy, but when I got around the boiling water I soon realized I wasnt steaming shrimp!   The water was scoliding and still not sure what I actually did there but it was super cool none the less.  I took the birdy cam around the lab where the dentures were being built with ivoclar teeth and ivocap.  Some of the Techs were really engaged and as I looked closer I really got to see the artistry behind the wax & bites that they were doing.  Lots of FIRE, which because of its elemental value, I love filming.  I really got in close with the Macro 45MM leica lense on some of the Premiume and Ultra Premium denture builds.   It is quiet a remarkable site, and the coloring of the Ivoclar material was insanity.  I was pretty astonished at how real these look.  

Thats a Wrap!

We wrapped up with some of the final products and really getting into why the Keating Dental Lab Dentures Department & Removables was second to none in the dental industry.   Its really a LAB within a Lab and the product knowledge and expertise are unrivaled.  To sum it up, these guys are good!   Well, when my higly tranlucent e.max veneers wear all the way down and I am left with just gum, I know where to go to pick myself up a solid ultra premium denture set!    Thanks Jim and Dr. Hornbrook for another fantastic lesson in modern dentistry!   

Timothy Patrick

Creative Director/DP/DPC

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