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The Controversial... "In-Your-Face" Plan for Success in 2015... 9 Reasons You're Not Succeeding Today

The Controversial... "In-Your-Face" Plan for Success in 2015... 9 Reasons You're Not Succeeding Today

2/2/2015 12:50:11 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 475

The In Your Face Plan for Success in 2015... 9 Reasons You're Not Succeeding Today

Here's a quote on Business Success from Tony Robbins' awesome book "Master the Game""Tell me something: Have you ever had that experience, you know . . . the completely humiliating experience of playing a video game against a child? Who always wins? The child, of course! But how does she do it? Is she smarter, quicker, and stronger? Here’s how it works. You’re visiting your niece or nephew, and she or he will say, “Come play it with me, Uncle Tony!”

"You immediately protest, “No, no, I don’t know this game. You go ahead and play.” And they say, “C’mon, it’s easy! Just let me just show you.” Then they shoot a few bad guys when they pop up on the screen. You still resist, so they start pleading. “C’mon! C’mon! Please, please, please!”

You love this kid, so you give in. Then she says the simple words that tell you you’re being set up: “You go first.” So you decide you’re gonna make it happen! You’re going to show this kid a thing or two. And then what? Bam! Bam! Bam! In 3.4 seconds, you’re dead. Shot in the side of the head. Smoked. Then the kid takes the gun, and suddenly it’s bam-bam-bam-bam-bam! The bad guys are dropping from the sky and whizzing around every corner in hyperspeed. The kid is anticipating every move and picking them off—and about 45 minutes later, you get your second turn. Now you’re ticked off, and even more committed. This time you last a full five seconds. And she goes another 45 minutes. You know the drill.

So why do these kids always win? Is it because they have better reflexes? Is it because they’re faster?

No! It’s because they’ve played the game before. They already have one of the greatest secrets to success in life: they can anticipate the road ahead.

Remember this: anticipation is the ultimate power. Losers react; leaders anticipate.

And in this article, you’ll learn how to anticipate and achieve your best from nine (9) little-known (and even lessor-acted-upon) strategies for achieving business success for 2015 and beyond. These strategies will help you anticipate the problems and challenges on the path to business, practice and/or career success so you don’t get hurt along the way. It’s a jungle out there, full of things that can kill you financially, and you need trusted guides to help you get through it.

Following these strategies I’m going to lay out a plan that will help you anticipate the challenges, avoid unnecessary stress, and arrive at your ideal destination – ultimate success in 2015 for your startup, business, practice and/or career. Before we walk through the steps, I want you to first ask yourself why success in business, your practice and/or your career used to seem so simple. What’s changed? And what do we need to do?

#1: Accept Reality: There Are No Shortcuts. Real Change Requires a Real Process.

I’ll begin this post by first getting the uncomfortable realities out of the way.

Anything worthwhile having, doing and/or accomplishing in your startup, business, practice and/or career requires that you put forth a worthwhile effort. No matter how many people tell you that you can shortcut your way to the top know this… There are no shortcuts.

And while there are proven methodologies and Systems available to help you achieve what you want faster…. there are NO silver bullets, NO magic pills, and NO secret sauces.

If you’re still searching online and looking for this stuff and find that you’re now reading my article… wake up and get real. You've got the wrong article, and the wrong author. No matter how awesome my methodologies are and no matter how amazing the Systems and Free Guides are that I have created work for my clients… “YOU” must be willing to take part in your success.

If you’re someone who isn’t ready to roll up your sleeves and begin to work hard (and smart)… stop reading this now.

If you’re someone who is sick and tired of more of the same (i.e., “lame”) strategies to grow your practice and/or company… read on.Dr Ken Newhouse from Growth Hacker Central reveals why you're not succeeding in 2015

You’re still here? Great!

So let’s start with the old guru mantra “time to take action!”

I’m going to shout this loud and clear to you: Take action! Take action!

While action is critically important, action isn’t what creates change for you.

Taking action, by itself, is just an event that produces little, if any results. (Huh?)

In fact, “taking action” ranks right up there with “do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” as one of the biggest guru hoaxes ever perpetrated in the Dental industry.

“Blasphemy”, you say?

Read this and then you’ll understand why I’m right:

“Taking action” is merely a micro-task to a process, and a process is what precedes real change.

What’s a process? A process is a SYSTEMATIZED series of focused actions. A process is repeated. A process is “taking action X 1000" and making adjustments along the way.  Something my good friend Chesterfield Dentist Nathan Hartman DDS has mastered.

Once a process is established it then becomes a habit, which then integrates the process into your mind as automatic, instinctual, and almost subconscious. It actually becomes woven into your existence. The result is a lifestyle which ultimately creates the change you want. The change isn’t fleeting or short-lived, but permanent.

#2:  Short-cuts are short for a reason— they don’t produce lasting results.

Unfortunately, too many so-called “gurus” leverage the idea of “taking action” into some sort of mental slight-of-hand trick designed to give us a fleeting "feel good" moment. Short cuts are nothing more than a temporary exercise orchestrated to fool yourself into thinking that you are doing something, when in actuality, you’re just painting lipstick on the pig. 

no shortcutsDo you know why that you just can’t seem to crack the code… get it right and enjoy the results you deserve? If you’re like most people (human nature does not lie) then the reality is simple:  

You are committed to the idea of change, but not committed to the process of change.  

I’m no fitness guru, but I’ve been working out regularly and consistently for 31 years now and whether you’re a workout maniac or not, I’m sure you've been the member of  a gym at some point in your life.

Having said that, consider this:  Think about the gym the first week of January. See all those people? They’re committed to the idea of change (which are just fleeting thoughts) but not committed to the process (which is the focused action). By February, 95% of them will be gone.

Can you see where this is going?  Signing up for a gym membership and even going for a month before dropping out constitutes “taking action”.However, if you never return, will anything really change? NADA!

Nothing will change except for that moment of “feel good” which is now, long gone.  When you want to begin a program to create sustainable growth in your business, your career or practice any different?  NOT IN THE LEAST!

Want to eat better and shed a few pounds? Great— for lunch you have steamed walleye and asparagus. An amazing good and healthy choice (I love walleye by the way)! The fish and veggies are both healthy and nutritious, a perfect decision for your health goals.  

Ooops!  Then comes dinner where you’re back to your old hangout, the cholesterol country club eating that double-bacon cheeseburger with curly fries and ranch dressing (yikes!). 

Again, absolutely nothing has changed despite “taking action.”

Every time you hear someone say to you “No… I can’t eat that right now… I’m on a diet” know this:   What they’re really telling you is that:

  • I am NOT committed to permanent change.
  • I am NOT committed to the process.
  • I am NOT committed to a transformation from action, to habit.

The word diet implicitly means one thing:   DESTINED FOR FAILURE!

Diets are event-driven based on “taking action” — but the word implies temporary, which implies failure of process.

Diets die and only succeed when they become lifestyles, making the diet, no diet at all— but a simple way of living.

If we’re honest with ourselves we all know that our lifestyle is what produces the real change we all seek. That’s how you make a difference in your life, your business, your practice and/or your career. 

No pill, no diet, no book and no dental marketing and/or practice management guru can give you the “secret for success” — the secret lies within yourself, your process, and your expectations of that process.

Focused action > Committed and Repeated > Habit > Lifestyle.

#3: Identify What You Want and WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER!


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