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How backlinks affect SEO results for dentists and orthodontists

How backlinks affect SEO results for dentists and orthodontists

12/5/2021 7:42:02 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 205

Learn about the benefits of creating quality backlinks for your dental practice, which include improving SEO rankings and attracting more potential patients.

Backlinks in SEO terms refer to another website linking to your website.

Earning backlinks is a crucial aspect of any competitive SEO strategy, but it’s not always on the radar of marketers.

Most orthodontist websites do not require backlinks in order to rank well. Blogging & on-page SEO are important for gaining traction in less competitive markets -- they help you cover your basics.

But for those who are vying to get to the top of Google, it helps to have others cite you as an authoritative source. To put this into practice:

You’re familiar with Google My Business, Facebook, and other less popular platforms that allow businesses to interact with customers. One example is the Better Business Bureau website where people discuss local businesses These websites allow you to link back to your dental or orthodontic website by listing your name, address, and phone number along with your hours of operation and directions to your practice. When you link to your website, this counts as a backlink. This is a standard form of backlinking that every dental professional can expect from a dental SEO company.

However, there's another type of backlink that offers a huge competitive advantage. Authority status is gained when your website is cited by reputable publications. When someone links to your site in a supporting way, they're seen as an authority and Google will rank you higher.

When an authoritative source links to your content, Google assumes you are an expert in the subject being linked about.

For instance, Kreeb Family Dentistry was cited as a dentistry expert. It’s not a far stretch for dentists to be a dentistry experts, but having other websites publish an article on dental, orthodontic, or health-related topics and then link to your website is different. The link allows Google the opportunity to see who is generating the most link-worthy (or useful) content.

Creating and uploading content such as writing, photography, and video is proven to increase your SEO presence and help you get found. With so much out there, some competitive markets can leave Google puzzled about your identity.

When a blogger or other content creator links to a meaningful, helpful blog post of your website, Google pays more attention to your site and is more likely to award you with a high-quality backlink.

Why does backlinking work?

Google’s algorithm, designed originally by Google’s founders, was from academia. In academia, the studies and journals, and research papers that were published had an authority scale. That authority scale was based on how many times the article was “cited.” Google took this lesson to their search engine algorithm by deciding who ranks at the top should be linked, or cited, the most.

Over time, the algorithm has become more sophisticated in terms of how much weight it gives various links. Working with a seasoned SEO analyst can help you determine whether your backlinks are lacking or if there is something else you can do to make your content findable. This applies to both affiliates and agencies

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