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Dental Realist Podcast
The Dental Realist podcast is unlike any other dental podcast. As three practicing dentists we have learned things that we wish we'd known before dental school graduation. We are here to give future, new, & veteran dentists the honest info you need.

Dental Realist: Episode 60 - Dental School Insight w/ Melissa Drab

Dental Realist: Episode 60 - Dental School Insight w/ Melissa Drab

9/13/2021 2:14:14 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 15

On Episode 60, we welcome Melissa Drab, fourth-year dental student at Marquette University, to The Dental Realist Podcast. We discuss a variety of dental school topics including: 

-High and lows of dental school

-A day in the life of a dental student

-How Covid-19 has changed dental school

-Student loan debt

-What is most exciting about life after dental school

We also try to get Dr. Neff into a MUSoD musical. We would be honored if you would join us!

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Episode 60


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