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7 Reasons There is Father Behind the Success of Every Dentist

11/12/2014 11:22:11 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 184

Seven Reasons There is a Father Behind the Success of Every Dentist

Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to become a dentist?  After all, there are not a lot of people who look forward to visits to their dentist.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  You’ll often hear people say they hate going to the dentist.  So what is behind the success of every dentist?  What motivates him or her to pursue a career dealing with gingivitis and gum disease and people who don’t want to come see them?  My theory, backed up by zero real research, is that there are 7 reasons to believe there is a Father behind the success of every dentist.

Starting with Reason Number 7, let’s take a look at these facts and work our way up the list:

7. Dental hygiene education starts early, and there is a father behind the success of every dentist because Dad is the one with the responsibility to ask, “Did you brush your teeth?”  It’s a question that Dads learn to ask routinely, during all different times of the day or week.  Your dad probably asked you that before you went to bed at night, before you went to school in the morning, and before church on Sunday.   While Mom made sure you ate a healthy breakfast, had clean clothes to wear, and were where you needed to be when you needed to be there, Dad took charge of your oral health and made it his responsibility to ask about your teeth brushing habits. 

6. Behind the success of every dentist is probably a father who showcased an excellent work ethic.  Dad worked hard, and he made sure you knew it.  While we all know our Moms worked hard too (sometimes doubly hard), Dad was the one who told you just how hard he worked.  Moms rarely complain.  It’s just not in their DNA. They are built to withstand brutal work days, grumpy kids, dirty dishes and high heels.   But it was not uncommon for Dad to beg out of evening activities or a game of catch in the yard because he’d “worked hard” that day.  Dental school is no picnic.  It’s hard work, and men and women who make it through just might have their dads to thank for instilling in them the idea that hard work is part of life.

5. The next reason why a Father is likely behind the success of every dentist is because Dad is the one who really knew how to use a toothpick.  Every dentist knows the importance of getting things out from between the teeth, and Dad was the one who made using a toothpick cool.  Remember going to restaurants and getting a toothpick?  It was Dad who handed you one, right after he put one in his own mouth.  Your mom rarely used a toothpick (at least not in public), but Dad always did.

4. Dad liked to play golf, and occasionally he took an afternoon off to play with the rest of the successful businessmen in town, including the local doctors and dentists. It was not uncommon to hear Dad speak with envy about the dentist who, “doesn’t even have emergencies, works regular hours and still gets every Wednesday afternoon off to play golf.”  Point duly noted by future dentist-to-be.

3. Dad is the one who taught you to love working with tools.  Other than perhaps surgeons, no other medical professionals get the chance to work with more tools.  Dentists have lots of interesting drills, picks, and files.  Today they also have computer models and machines that make teeth.  Growing up, if you ever wanted to spend time with Dad, you went to the garage and found him working with tools.  Dad’s comments about your steady hand when helping him with chores around the garage may have been the main reason you began investigating dentistry as a career.

2. Behind the success of every dentist is a father who wanted more for his children than he had himself.  Fathers are notorious for being tough on kids – for making them work hard and strive for success.  Your dad may have helped you with homework, and pushed you to study hard to get good grades.  He probably also helped you investigate different career paths, and you can still remember his words of encouragement when you announced you were thinking about becoming a dentist.

1. Finally, the number one reason why a Father is behind the success of every dentist: his smile.  For most children, no matter what their age, a father’s smile is one of the most pleasing sights in the world.  The desire to make your father smile is learned at an early age, and there’s nothing that makes a father smile more broadly than pride.  When you decided to become a dentist, you made your father very, very proud. 

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