The Eval by The Dental Creatives
The Eval by The Dental Creatives
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The FIRE Movement Disrupting Traditional Dental Financial Planning: Oct 8, 2020

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TL;DR: Our weekly recap of the dental news, insights, and trends to boost your practice. 

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Viral Dentistry

What do you get when you cross nail files, TikTok, and teeth?

Regret. You get regret.

Recent rumblings tell the head scratching situation of TikTok teens taking their dental care into their own hands.

Armed with her cell phone and a nail file, 19 year-old Mia Dio decided to hop on the unexplainable trend of DIY dentistry and file down her teeth to correct her uneven smile line.

In her own words, "...we're balling on a budget."

Unfortunately, this is not a singular event. Multiple instances of this DIY dentistry have been popping up on social media. This seems to be another stupid trend that will hopefully die quickly with the rest (looking at you Jawcercize)

There have been other teens participating in the trend who have expressed complaints of tooth sensitivity after the "procedure"...uhhh, ya think?

Patients will quickly take dental care into their own hands and play it off as no big deal. "A lot of people started cutting their own hair, I became my own dentist." Dio said

As always, be prepared for mind numbingly stupid ideas to improve oral health. If you have kids, lock away those dangerous nail files. (Kidding...but did you ever think something besides your liquor cabinet would cause you to worry? Welcome to 2020).

The Eval by The Dental Creatives

Just Chill Out Man.

Teeth are Feeling the Stress Too.

New data from a ADA News report have revealed the affects that COVID has had on the dentition. According to the report, over half of the polled dentists have seen increases in chipped and cracked teeth, TMD, and bruxism.

Be ready to start making those occlusal guards.

The Eval by The Dental Creatives


Introducing 2-(benzenesulfonamide)-N-(4-hydroxyphenyl).

The name is still a work in progress, but news from the NIH earlier this week revealed the introduction of a new class of non opioid pain medication.

South Rampart Pharma is developing a new class of non-opioid pharmaceutical to relieve pain and reduce fever. First discovered at LSU Health New Orleans, the medication hopes to solve the problem that comes with opioid prescription and acetaminophen. The funding will fund late-stage, pre- clinical development.

A Few Big-Time Findings from the Literature


    Researchers found that the in vivo models lack hepatotoxicity, yet retain analgesia and antipyresis.


    A safer, novel non-opiod analgesic without the destruction of the Liver is the goal of the researchers


    This new drug could also be important in the search for an antipyretic that is safer with use for COVID and it's associated kidney and liver disease.


Now we just need a name...

Financial independence, retire early (FIRE) is what a new generation of workforce is seeking. As a desire for improved work-life balance continues to emerge, typical financial management idealogies will just no longer work.

The Basics of ??


    FIRE participants generally save 50 to 70% of their salary in tax advantage accounts


    Sub categories of FIRE have been developed to include FATFire and LeanFIRE.


    With big saving, comes minimal spending. Most FIRE proponents say you will need 25 times your annual expenses to gain true financial independence.



The FIRE movement is gaining traction. Help groups have popped up all over the Internet for individuals trying to hack your retirement savings.

One anonymous Reddit poster revealed his ways of accruing over $200,000 dollars of tax-advantaged accounts per year.

We have some helpful S#@$ coming your way.

Tune in for our FIRE Guide for Dentists in the coming weeks.

Some Quick Bites


    Leave the Damn Hoverboards at Home. An Alaskan dentist is in hot water after extracting a tooth on a hoverboard...oh yeah, he was also commiting medical fraud.


    They're backkkk. Crocs , the guilty pleasure of clinicians everywhere, has seen an 48% increase in sales this year??


    Insurance companies are dropping the ball again. October 1st came with several private health insurers dropping full payments for virtual visits.


    We are important! The National Academies of Sciences deemed dentists and dental hygienists essential workers in order to potentially receive a COVID-19 Vaccination early. ??


    NOT a good look for Aerosols. The CDC recently reported that people can become infected with novel coronavirus through airborne transmission, especially in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation. Yikes.


The Big Idea

Your Newest Employee: a "COVID influencer"?

Is it time for your dental practice to take a page out University’s playbooks? Recent reports have shown an interesting strategy to quell the doubts and anxiety’s of parents sending their children to university. Introducing the “Covid Influencer.”

The Eval by The Dental Creatives

These influences essentially spread the good news of how well the schools are doing when it comes to COVID management.

“Around the country, colleges have enlisted students to help share coronavirus safety messaging on official school channels.”

So will this be your next hire?

It’s easy to post on social media about all the precautions you are taking to keep your patients safe. But coming from another patient? It means a lot.

We have talked about he importance of micro influencers with your dental practice- this is a perfect example of how you could capture the trust of those still apprehensive about returning to your dental office.

Your Dental Marketing Tactics

We may fit in with Gen Z after all!


With another story regarding TikTok we bring you an actual opportunity. Our seemingly boring day to day life may actually have a place in between all the dancing. The trend? Boring, monotonous stuff is booommming.

Seemingly boring jobs-think landscaping, car detailing, and power washing- have been pulling in millions of views

It's all about the algorithm. Unlike YouTube and Instagram where users may have to search for these videos, the trending TikTok platform pushes videos which the algorithm deems "addictive."

The next viral sensation is in dentistry?

We have seen medically related content directed for the average person explode over the years. So here are some ideas that could explode


    Satisfying calculus removal


    Digital Prosthodontic Workflow


    Routine lab work


Ready, set, goo (viral)...

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