Disability Claim Tips With Ed Comitz, Esq.
Disability Claim Tips With Ed Comitz, Esq.
This guide is intended as a practical resource for dentists who think they might want to file a disability claim. Check in regularly for new claim tips.
Edward Comitz

My Disability Insurance Company Wants to Send A Field Examiner to My House – Do I Have to Let Them In?

3/27/2020 2:36:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 68

Also see My Insurer Says I Have to Undergo an IME But I Don’t Want to Get Coronavirus.

Most policies do require provisions that require you to submit to in-person examinations. However, there is also typically a “reasonableness” requirement. An experienced disability attorney can evaluate your claim to determine whether an examination is appropriate under the circumstance and/or whether there are alternative methods of obtaining the relevant information that do not place your health at risk.

Action Step: If you are concerned about your insurer requiring and in-person field interview, speak with a disability lawyer and have him or her evaluate whether the field exam is required under your policy and whether there are other means to provide the requested information.

Each dentist’s claim for disability benefits involves different facts, disabling conditions, policy requirements, insurance companies, etc. While our attorneys are making an effort to share general knowledge with the dental community and answer dentists’ questions about the impact of the coronavirus, this not a substitute for individualized advice from an experienced disability insurance lawyer. If you would like to speak with our attorneys and have them take an in-depth look at your particular situation, please feel free to contact us directly.

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