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Expanding Your Dental Practice with Social Media: It Matters

Expanding Your Dental Practice with Social Media: It Matters

9/10/2019 10:19:16 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 12

It seems like today’s internet is full of social media gurus constantly predicting the next social media trend. Even trends that were predicted last year are still in effect. Learn how your dental practice can take advantage of these current social media trends. Read more below and contact us today!

Connect with Influencers

If you still believe that influence has no significance in this business, it does. Who’s an influencer? He or she is an individual who has already established credibility in a particular industry or topic, and because of that, they have a wide audience who can easily be persuaded. As a result, an influencer can help you persuade potential clients to believe in your dental practice. 

It’s simple. Connect with influencers that have an interest in health and beauty. These influencers would be promoting your office by sharing their experience. For example, influencers can create an interesting YouTube video about their teeth whitening experience at your office. Or, post pictures of their dental cleaning visit with information on why removing plaque and tartar is essential.

Create Engaging Videos

Just think about all the things that have trended so far this year. Most of them trended because of the underlying messages were packaged in a video format. Videos have been trending for such a long time in the industry as consumers find them more appealing. Think of the 2008 Disney Pixar movie WALL-E, where a trash compactor robot befriends another robot called EVE and their adventure begins. The movie grossed over $500 million worldwide, according to Yet, the film had very few lines. In fact, the movie is known for its ability to capture emotion and understanding based on the characters’ physical behavior and facial expressions. 

Another great example is the 2015 Minions movie. The famously known yellow creatures who serve despicable masters were favorited by many. And if you are aware of the movie, you know that the Minions speak their own unique language. But, no subtitles are needed to immerse yourself in the film. Why? Their physical behavior, facial expressions, and tone of voice helped viewers understand and enjoy the movie. 

And what does this mean for dental practices? Well, communication is mainly based on visuals and not actual words. So, take advantage of this information and create engaging videos!


Listening and Monitoring Social Media

In case you didn’t know, social media listening and monitoring are two very different activities with unique purposes. Social media monitoring entails searching and gathering data. Whereas, social media listening involves analyzing the data, finding a strategy as well as implementing a plan. In essence, social media listening is all about seeing the whole picture while social media monitoring focuses on the finer details. However, for maximum effectiveness, one has to combine both of them. You simply cannot substitute one for the other, as each one provides a different insight. 

Optimized Mobile Content

In 2019, most people have cell phones and rely on them for information. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. It should be easily accessible via smartphone and tablet. Consider adding links that allow people to call your office with a simple click. In addition, add the option to book an appointment online. Features like these make your website easier to navigate for a patient, which increases the chance of new appointments.

Learn More

Your dental practice can truly benefit from social media trends. The key is to learn which ones make sense for your brand, goal, and target. Learn how to effectively expand your practice with social media at this year's Dental Business & Legal Symposium. The annual event will take place on October 18th and 19th in Oxon Hill, MD at the MGM National Harbor. Attendees will also earn up to 9 CE credits and network with top industry leaders. Topics include common challenges faced by dentists and how to successfully overcome them. Reserve your seats today and enjoy discounted hotel reservations. We look forward to meeting you!

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