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8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part III)

8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part III)

8/20/2019 3:22:55 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 20

8. Safely (And Securely) Dispose of Old Electronics

 When you're getting ready to move into your beautiful new office space, you're invariably going to come across old employee phones, laptops, and computers that have seen better days.

With the advent of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software and other IT innovations, outdated devices and systems are being piled up in storage rooms in record numbers. Some of this discarded electronic equipment finds its way into dumpsters.

Here, anybody can raid the sensitive information that these devices might still harbor. Even photocopiers often have hard drives chock full of confidential employee and patient data.  

On your mobile devices, mobile device management (MDM) software controls who has access to sensitive data. This is usually cloud-based software, so data remains safely behind firewalls. You protect sensitive information in myriad other ways too. Computers and laptops are password protected and data on it is encrypted.

However, your devices still might be harboring sensitive information. You’re going to have to adhere to HIPAA requirements for removing all the personal data from these devices to ensure patient and employee confidentiality. Do not sell or recycle old computers or phones without doing this first.

After making sure the sensitive information is gone, properly dispose of these products to minimize negative impact to the environment. Disposal options include nonprofit community recycling and donation programs like RECONNECT, World Computer Exchange, and the National Cristina Foundation.

You can hire an IT asset recovery partner to haul away all your antiquated computers and devices in exchange for credit toward new equipment.

If your old equipment can’t be salvaged, it’s time to recycle it. Find an IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) service to do this for you. They’ll adhere to environmental standards and responsibly recycle your old junk.

Any company you hire to erase sensitive data or pick up old computers and devices should indemnify you against any data leaks while it’s in their hands. Check to make sure that they do.

Final Words

 Moving is never going to be on your list of favorite things to do, but if you follow the tips in this article, the process will go much more smoothly. The important thing is to not let yourself become overwhelmed.

So before you start, take a breath and relax.  

Schedule enough time for the move and make lists of everything that needs to get done. That way, you’ll be able to minimize logistical hassles so that they’re more manageable. Even if you're moving because you lost your lease, this can be an opportunity to rise from the ashes and be a thousand times better than you ever were.

If you have any questions on how to make your relocation easier, contact the tenant rep who helped you find your new office space. He can be your consultant for every aspect of your relocation journey.

If you haven't hired a tenant rep yet and you need to find new office space, call me today!


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