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8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part II)

8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part II)

8/15/2019 5:11:18 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 38

6. Hire a Mover

Hire a company that has considerable experience in relocating dental practices. Moving a dental office is vastly more complicated than moving other types of offices and you want to make sure they can handle the job.

The right company will know precisely how to pack, transport, and set up your expensive dental equipment so nothing gets damaged. And, they’ll be able to adhere to state and federal guidelines for transporting equipment of this type.

Interview several companies before hiring one to get a feel for their experience and skill. Ask other medical practitioners who have recently moved for references so you can find a company with a proven track record.

You can also ask your tenant rep for recommendations. He has an extensive network of professionals he can contact to help you with any part of your relocation.

7. Get Employees on Board

You might encounter some resistance from your employees when you relocate. After all, they've been at the location for a long time, and change might be difficult for them. So, it's essential that they know the purpose behind the move so they can get on board with it.

Let your office staff know why you made this decision and that you appreciate all of their hard work in helping your business be the thriving success that it is today. Share with them the myriad of benefits you foresee doing business in a new and improved location.

When they see what they'll gain, they'll get excited about opening a new chapter in the history of your practice.

Ask them what isn’t working in your current space and how these problems can be solved in the new one. When it comes to making changes, employees are your best consultants.

Get their ideas about how they think the new space is going to work and encourage suggestions on how to make sure the relocation progresses smoothly. The more they become involved in the decision-making process, the more invested they’ll be in giving you the support you’ll need to ensure that your relocation is a resounding success.

 Keep Employees Updated

 Keep your employees updated with everything that’s going on so they can help make the transition go smoothly. Give them a floor plan of the new office beforehand to give them time to get acquainted with the layout.

Take employees on a guided tour of the new space and show off everything it has to offer. If you have brand-new technology and different ways of doing things, teach your employees how to do the stuff that's unfamiliar to them.

Educate them on how improved processes are going to make their work easier.

Employee Feedback Sessions

 To see how everything’s going, schedule an employee feedback session.

During the session, ask if there are any hiccups with updated technology or equipment. Also, see what the difficulties have been so far, so you can quickly formulate a plan to address them.

This way, there won’t be any delays come opening day.

Party Time    

 After everything and everyone is moved and settled in, it’s time to have a little celebration. It could be as simple as a modest get-together with cake and a catered lunch at the office, or as elaborate as a huge blowout at the most elegant eatery in the city complete with dancing and fancy cocktails.

 Celebrating your move lets your employees know you appreciate their hard work during a difficult time. And, that you value their contributions as you position your practice to be a prosperous and flourishing one for years to come.

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