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8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part I)

8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part I)

8/12/2019 3:46:29 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 38

One of these days, you might find yourself having to relocate your office. Maybe you lost your lease. You might even be growing at such a prodigious rate your current office square footage is no longer big enough for you.

For some medical practitioners, this can be a very stressful time. That's because they've learned from experience that a poorly managed office relocation can quickly spiral out of control and become a major headache.

However, if you stay calm, plan carefully, and get the right kind of help, it doesn't have to be that way. View this as an opportunity to start fresh—it's a chance to forge a new professional identity in a new location.

Do everything right, and before you know it, you'll be all moved in and ready to begin a new chapter in your life. It'll be exciting…maybe even exhilarating!

1. Start Early and Plan Carefully

Start early, because there's a lot to be done.

You'll need to hire a company to move your office furnishings and dental equipment. You have to decide what furnishings you'll take with you and what'll stay. You need to give your existing patients sufficient notice that you're terminating your relationship with them if you're moving to a new area. 

All of this is going to take meticulous planning, which helps streamline logistics and eliminates unnecessary hiccups.

2. Take Inventory

Look around and write down everything that's going with you. A thorough list ensures that you don't misplace anything during the moving process. Deciding what you're leaving behind is as important as choosing what you're taking with you.

Relocating is an excellent time to declutter, making you more organized. Make a list of everything you're going to donate or throw away. Some charities will pick up your old furniture for you—all you have to do is to arrange the pickup.

You might even want to replace your old and uncomfortable office chairs. Buying new furniture might not be much more expensive than moving old furniture. Also, think about replacing old equipment on the verge of becoming obsolete.

3. Get Ready to Go

 Schedule time to get everything sorted, packed, and ready to be moved. You'll be better able to judge how long that'll take once you have a clear idea of everything you're moving.

Carefully label all boxes to make unpacking everything easier. Equipment that's necessary for day-to-day operations should stay put until moving day. If you're moving to a smaller office, store rarely used files away to maximize space.

 4. Minimize Disruptions

 Try to minimize work disruptions. To do this, plan the move so it doesn't happen during work hours.

For most practices, it's simply not practical to completely shut down for a move. However, maybe you can shut down for a weekday or a single weekend.

5. Give Your Patients Sufficient Notice

 If relocating means terminating current relationships with patients, give them enough notice so they have time to find a suitable replacement. This way, they don't file a patient abandonment complaint.

Send every patient an email letting them know your new address and phone number. You might want to send out postcards too, as some patients like having a physical reminder.

Announce your move on social media and encourage your patients to like posts about your new location. Not only will this remind your existing patients about your new place, but it also lets their friends know about it as well. Maybe you'll get some new patients!

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